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That Sounded Like It Hurt: Racing Crashes From The World Over!

That Sounded Like It Hurt: Racing Crashes From The World Over!

Given the amount of videos that cater to the subject on YouTube, you have to wonder how many racing machines are actually taken out of commission each week in the name of motorsports. I certainly do…it seems like there are enough car-eating rallies and hillclimbs alone in Europe to keep the population of automobiles nice and tidy. Yet every week, there are plenty of Volvos, BMWs and old Ford Escorts bent into new and interesting shapes in the name of a fast thrill. Everyone who gets behind the wheel knows that they are playing a risky game, but whether you simply overshoot a corner and find yourself in a ditch or you are so on-fire that your car is actually peeing out a flaming stream of fuel, that one misjudgement or failure will remind you just how dangerous motorsports can be.

Racingfail! is one of those channels on YouTube that scour the Internet, collecting up carnage footage from all corners of the world. Doesn’t matter if it’s a Honda Civic that dipped a tire off into muddy grass and wound up bouncing off of a frozen hay bale, a motorcycle rider getting launched into the air courtesy of a vicious high-side, or some stripped out banger that managed to get catapulted into the air by flipping in tandem with another car on the course, if it made the announcers cringe and fans rush to help, it’s in the mix here!

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3 thoughts on “That Sounded Like It Hurt: Racing Crashes From The World Over!

  1. RK - no relation

    So Rally racing is all about going too fast for the conditions and not knowing the track.

    Another form of no prep racing? Great fun to watch!

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