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Toyota Responds To The Hydrogen-Powered Mirai’s Critics By Proving That The Car Does Run On B.S.

Toyota Responds To The Hydrogen-Powered Mirai’s Critics By Proving That The Car Does Run On B.S.

In the race to find a viable alternative to the internal combustion engine, it would seem that electric power might be the only game in town, but for Toyota, the concept of a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle has been in concept study form since the 1990s, with the current version, the Mirai, going on sale in select markets later this year. Granted, Toyota has had their share of critics blast the idea of a fuel cell vehicle, but one voice seemed to stand well above the others: Elon Musk, the brain behind Tesla, who in 2013 made a quick diversion from the good of his electric cars at a Tesla service center in Germany when he famously quoted, “And then they’ll say certain technologies like fuel cell … oh god … fuel cell is so bullshit. Except in a rocket.”

Somebody inside Toyota took honest offense to the line and decided to make a retaliatory point by using a truckload of the freshest meadow muffins they could get their hands on. In this clip, directed by Morgan Spurlock of Super Size Me infamy, Toyota engineer Scott Blanchet goes through the process of converting perfectly good flower food into hydrogen fuel for a Mirai. It’s interesting to see the process, and whether or not hydrogen hits the mainstream markets it’s good to see manufacturers giving it an honest effort. If nothing else, there is the humor in Toyota using a mountain of cow shit to tell Tesla to shut up.


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7 thoughts on “Toyota Responds To The Hydrogen-Powered Mirai’s Critics By Proving That The Car Does Run On B.S.

  1. Beagle

    Love it .. but why would I want to take the next step after collecting the methane I could burn in my ICE?

    Elon (king of bullshit, he’d know bullshit if he saw it) should have said Hindenburg.

  2. ColoradoKid

    Yeah …. and you wanna know why Elon Musk(rat) is criticizing the Toyota Mirai ?

    1) Because last year Toyota told Musk to ____ off and didn’t renew their contract with him to further develop Toyota’s EV’s [ because Toyota and BMW have now partnered to push forward what they both know IS the future … that being Hydrogen ]

    2) Because despite all Musk’s bull**** rhetoric TESLA sales are in the toilet with TESLA profits being overwhelmed by massive losses

    3) Because … and again despite all Musk(rats) rhetoric …. the little deluded pile of ___ knows full damn well his … TESLA’s and EV’s in general’s days are numbered [ why is because Big Oil … who we all know rules the roost is behind Hydrogen 100% ]

    And yet …. and yet …. the deluded masses despite plunging sales … constant heavy quarterly losses and cars that DO NOT work as advertised [ trust me … I’ve got two neighbors who got suckered into buying them .. the damn things spending almost as much time on a trailer as they do on the road ] …

    … are still buying TESLA stock . Living proof …. PT Barnum was right … across the board …. people WANT to be suckered in and conned

  3. Threedoor

    Good way to flip it back at Musk. But Spurlock? Man I can’t stand that guy, Supersize me was literly full of BS, Spurlock would not release his data/food logs, he pushes a vegan agenda and has hoodwinked so many people. I recommend ‘Fathead’ which shows how full of it Spurlock actually is.

    1. ColoradoKid

      Yeah well … I aint no fan of the spurious Spurlock either …. but unfortunately his rant in ‘” SuperSize Me ” as well as his documentary on Bees were right on the money and deadly accurate

      Deadly … when it comes to the information in SSM … meaning deadly to those foolish enough to ignore the facts . Ask your MD … and a few scientists etc …. they are trying to kill us off … starting with your kids … with all the freaking sugar and chemical additives in most convenience and fast foods

      Like an example ? How’s about … seeing as summer’s on its way … a nice tall BurgerBarf [ King ] shake [ notice the word ‘ milk ‘ appears nowhere ]

      Liquid base ? Try highly refined petroleum by products

      Thickening agent – Pure unadulterated corn starch

      Flavoring ? Try … 10 … yes 10 tablespoons of sugar …. plus another four of corn sweetener …. artificial flavors … artificial color

      But hey …. don’t believe me … just don’t complain either after you’ve gained another 20 llbs … had your first coronary/stroke event … with diabetes looming …you’re replacing your wardrobe another size up for the umpteenth time and your sex life has gone down the toilet

      Want another quickie ? Hows about a nice Whopper to go with that … beef bits & entrails … mixed with yet another five tablespoons of sugar … another dose of corn starch to hold things together and ad some volume … all fried up on a grill slathered with an ungodly combination of animal fat … even more highly refined petroleum by products .. artificial colors and flavor … and just for good measure … even more sugar . And thats not even addressing the bun … condiments etc

      Don’t even get me started on the fries . Suffice it to say … BioDiesel is in fact hardly ‘ bio ‘ …. at all

  4. Steve

    Super Size Me was not totally honest, it’s depends on the person. I lived that lifestyle for basically 27 years and was a whopping 120 pounds and had excellent numbers across the boards. Not until I had my appendix removed did things change, and they warned me it might change my metabolism.

    I hate food police like New York, sucks when I see a 60 year old healthy man who can’t even order the regular soda he has been drinking his whole life. People are unique and so are their diets.

    And I’m all for hydrogen cars, leaves me more eggs for my muscle cars. We’ve used hydrogen in UPS vans for over 20 years in town.

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