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Wagons, Ho: Junkyard Digs Dives Head-First Into AMC Eagle Lunacy!

Wagons, Ho: Junkyard Digs Dives Head-First Into AMC Eagle Lunacy!

AMC Eagles are a strange thing to me. On one hand, they are American Motors doing what they did best after 1970…which is to say, they’re re-heated Hornet leftovers that probably should’ve been thrown out years ago. On the other hand, they’re four-wheel-drive station wagons that are ten times as badass as any crossover sold on the market today, old bones or not. With 258ci six-cylinder power and a mix of parts that you’d recognize from any other American OEM, the Eagle wagon is a bit of a cult classic. I’ve always wanted an Eagle (or Spirit SX/4) as a snow-runner, because I think that’s where they would do best. But most Eagles I’ve seen vary between “used” and “beaten until near death”, so for now, they are still on the “never owned” list.

Kevin, on the other hand, has decided to adopt not one, but two of these things. Okay, that’s generous: he bought the fairly decent example with the rare wood-sticker delete package, but had to take the very beat copy parked next to it…the one that had a tree fall on top of it. Two different cars, two different values, two different paths. The wrecked car is going to go hit the trails ASAP, and the bronze car is going to get brought back to daily-driver duty. It’s actually pretty cool to see…especially since AMC was long gone by the time Kevin was born.

I’m actually waiting on a text from him that reads something to the effect of, “come get this pile”.

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2 thoughts on “Wagons, Ho: Junkyard Digs Dives Head-First Into AMC Eagle Lunacy!

  1. Maxwell Smart

    Actually they weren’t bad cars at all, just ahead of their time. They just missed it by that much.

  2. Car lover

    These were the first SUV! A four door wagon with car appointments on a lifted 4wd chassis. AMC invented the genre and deserves the credit for it.

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