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Watch a Honda CRV Wreck in Horrifying Fashion on the Nürburgring

Watch a Honda CRV Wreck in Horrifying Fashion on the Nürburgring

Imagine being able to slap down $35.00 and run whatever junk you are driving around the coolest road course in America. Keep imagining because you can’t do that here, but in Germany, you can throw your 35 skins down and haul ass as fast as you can around the famed Nürburgring. If you are driving something cool like a Corvette, Porsche, vintage hot rod, or fast motorcycle this would be a fun thing to do and a way to test your prowess behind the wheel. If you are a person in a Honda CRV pretending to be in an F1 car, your ass is going to get hurt…just like you’ll see in this video.

For the majority of the video you’ll see cool high performance cars and even a Ford F-150 Raptor zipping by the camera around a corner on the track nicknamed, “Eiskurve” or Ice Corner in English. Once you hear the squealing tires and see the sliding CRV on the right hand side of the frame, brace for impact because it crashes in scary fashion, rolling over and ending outside the guard wall after launching all of the luggage, water bottles, loose change, and fast food wrappers in the vehicle out the windows during the barrel rolls.

This is proof you can run out of talent in a vehicle so slow it would seem impossible to run out of talent in.

Thanks to Jack for the tip!

Press play and brace yourself!

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5 thoughts on “Watch a Honda CRV Wreck in Horrifying Fashion on the Nürburgring

  1. Matt Cramer

    That may set a record for “worst way to avoid the guardrail repair charge”. Looks like they didn’t even touch that guardrail!

  2. malc

    I learned a few weeks back that if you crash, hit the barrier, you must take photos because you will be billed for repairs and towing.
    If you do damage the barriers record it as you might pay for a few meters extra.


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