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Watch The Boogeyman Camaro Get Annihilated At Kansas International Dragway – Driver Dave Hildebrand Walked Away

Watch The Boogeyman Camaro Get Annihilated At Kansas International Dragway – Driver Dave Hildebrand Walked Away

(Lead video credit: Urban Hillbilly Action Videos – second video NXGonzo YouTube) – Carl Scott and Dave Hildebrand had engaged in weeks of internet smack talk about their matchup at the No Prep Mayhem event which was being held at Kansas International Dragway. The sun was out, the stands were packed, and the two cars rocketed off the starting line. Scott, driving his Honey Badger Nova seemed to be getting the better of the twin-turbocharged pro mod style Camaro of Hildebrand and then things got bad. Real bad.

As you will see, Hildebrand’s turbocharged car really started pulling hard on Scott and then it shot across the track directly in front of him. Scott buried the brakes and Hildebrand went to work trying to gather up his car. It hit the left wall and then rotated on itself, heading back across the track at a frightening clip before busting through the guardrail and tumbling through the grass and dirt outside the racing surface itself.

Coming to the stop near the edge of a farmer’s field, the car is completely and utterly destroyed. Amazing, Hildebrand was able to walk away after the ride and that’s a testament to the quality of the chassis build and the safety equipment he was wearing at the time.

We are thankful that Hildebrand is OK and that Scott was able to keep his famed Nova from seemingly any damage. Hildebrand was not the only one to have a rough day as Matt Frost of Rocky Mountain Race Week suffered a crash in his awesome coupe. Matt is OK and the car can and we assume will be repaired. Needless to say it as a tough day at the strip at KID.

Press play below to see an insane wreck and the end of the Boogeyman Camaro –

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12 thoughts on “Watch The Boogeyman Camaro Get Annihilated At Kansas International Dragway – Driver Dave Hildebrand Walked Away

  1. Big Sky Dreamer

    And then his trailer caught fire on the way home….wow, poor guy. What caused the fire, surely they engaged the kill switch, if operative……

  2. Marc H

    Kinda interesting that the crash was in front of an auto body shop sign.
    Wonder if they give deals.

  3. bob

    Weeks of internet smack talk?? For what? To stoke up a bunch of beer drinking idiots to come out and pay to see you wad up your expensive race car on a non prepped track?? And when this happens they got just what they were hoping for.

    And then he goes home and unloads his pile of wreckage in the shop, no crowds, no cheering, while all the people he was trying to impress forget about the whole thing in two days.

  4. Lynn Minthorne

    Any time you push the envelope like they do anything can happen. I have never done either,but I would put it up there like driving a TF funny car..

  5. Glen Hayes

    Are these no prep events more about crash videos or what? I dont get it but someone is going to get killed at one of these stupid events.
    I’ve been a drag drag racer for years and any idiot can see if you put a huge amount of hp down with out a properly prep track you are asking for trouble.

  6. AndyB

    Everything about this is stupid.

    Grudge racing, where there’s no show for the specators because the clocks are off. So instead, every dimwit stands on the starting line.

    The other joy of grudge racing is that 95% is people playing lawyers and arguing about who gets the hit, what combinations are acceptable, etc. If you want endless arguments, just get a girlfriend. And don’t tell the wife.

    No tree/armdrop crap. So that you can then argue about someone leaving first was against the agreed rules. See above.

    No prep racing. Because going slower, in a less safe fashion is always a good time.

    I keep hoping this crap will go away, and we can put up numbers we’re proud of on the scoreboards, put on a show for the fans, have the clock cut the bullshit out, and have a safe place to apply the power.

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