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What Do Ford And Jose Cuervo Have In Common? One Plant That Provides Products For Both Companies – Check This Out!

What Do Ford And Jose Cuervo Have In Common? One Plant That Provides Products For Both Companies – Check This Out!

Ok, barflies, pop quiz: do you know what you are looking at in the photo? That would be a successful harvest of blue agave, the plant that provides two things human consume: agave nectar and tequila. Every one of those piñas (the large center of the plant) will be baked and then either shredded or mashed to release the juice of the agave. That juice is the base step for tequila, but the leftover plant fibers, known as bagazo, remain and are a by-product. And that’s where Ford comes in: Currently, the manufacturer is testing out the use of the leftover plant fibers in new materials that they hope will make their way to new cars. Ford plans to use these new “bio-plastics” in future cars for items like HVAC switches, trim pieces, and storage compartments.

“At Ford, we aim to reduce our impact on the environment,” said Debbie Mielewski, Ford senior technical leader, sustainability research department. “As a leader in the sustainability space, we are developing new technologies to efficiently employ discarded materials and fibers, while potentially reducing the use of petrochemicals and light-weighting our vehicles for desired fuel economy.”

“Jose Cuervo is proud to be working with Ford to further develop our agave sustainability plan,” said Sonia Espinola, director of heritage for Cuervo Foundation and master tequilera. “As the world’s No. 1-selling tequila, we could never have imagined the hundreds of agave plants we were cultivating as a small family business would eventually multiply to millions. This collaboration brings two great companies together to develop innovative, earth-conscious materials.”

Using cast-offs from tequila production to make small plastic bits that aren’t completely reliant on petroleum? Yeah, we’ll drink to that. Anybody got a lime wedge?

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8 thoughts on “What Do Ford And Jose Cuervo Have In Common? One Plant That Provides Products For Both Companies – Check This Out!

  1. Spanners.C

    I hope both of these companies are grateful of Rodrigo Medellin and what he accomplished. Maybe Ford could bestow a new vehicle upon him for his efforts.

  2. Chevy Hatin\' Mad Geordie

    In Colorado, Chrsler are working with the local weed farmer to utilise all the seeds and stems to replace many of those bulky metal parts. Takings at fast-food outlets within a 20 mile radius are set to rocket as when one of these weed-wagons goes by you are struck by a humongous attack of the munchies,,

  3. Eric

    They need to be careful what they use, many late model vehicles using plant based products attract rodents to chew on, wires are a good example.

  4. John S

    I love all the “green” verbiage in the statement from the “senior technical leader”, whatever that is. It used to be called not being wasteful or just being resourceful. Ford’s deal back in the day was based on it. For example, they would allow factory workers to checkout paper cuspidors or spittoons to spit tobacco in while working. At the end of the shift, these would be collected to be used to make steering wheels for Model T’s. Gross? Maybe. Resourceful & sustainable, yes. I’m not knocking what they are doing at all, but don’t act like you discovered how to split the atom with all the buzzwords & spin.

  5. Brendan M

    So then the cop said….. ” have you been drinking tonight?” When I replied “no, that’s just my hvac controls” he asked me to step out of the vehicle…..

  6. Jackie Messina

    No one thought ” lets use the extra plastic bags ” plus ” hey my beer can will work! ” Next is electric charge in trucks with a solar panel body mold. Ballard Tech has made the battery a longer lasting charge. Glad to see Ford taking steps to upgrade grannys cars.

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