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Gallery: The National Motorcycle Museum – Part 1

Gallery: The National Motorcycle Museum – Part 1

(Words and Photos by Greg Rourke) – Anamosa, Iowa is home to the National Motorcycle Museum and I can’t imagine a finer collection of motorcycles and memorabilia exists anywhere. Among the amazing things on display was a documented original Captain America bike from Easy Rider, Wild Bill Gelbke’s Roadog lives here as well. Powered by a Chevy II 4 cylinder, backed by an air cooled Powerglide it’s the world largest motorcycle. Along with that, an Indian owned by Steve McQueen is here, Von Dutch’s Volkswagen powered bike is here on loan from American Pickers star Mike Wolfe and lots of Von Dutch artifacts are on display as well, such as some of his artworks and his original sign kit.

The museum is packed with bikes, including some on high shelves on top of walls. Mostly organized by make or era, every inch of space is filled. One section is just Harleys, with new and old choppers, restored and as-found bikes. There’s a sidecar display, as well as Harley and Indian trikes. A very rare Indian panel van is there, to boot. Engines are lined up on shelves and there are dozens upon dozens of them including an Indian outboard motor. Heck, there’s a display dedicated just to women Wall Of Death riders!

A board track racers display is on a short section of track and included there is a Pacer motorcycle that broke the wind for bicycle racers. One room is just drag bikes of every description, including a genuine EJ Potter Bloody Mary. The restoration was supervised by EJ himself, and was the predecessor to his line of Widowmakers.

This place is well worth the trip for any motorcycle enthusiast, or just gearheads in general.  http://www.nationalmcmuseum.org/

This is the first of a couple galleries from the National Motorcycle Museum we are running from Greg this week. Hit the link to see all the photos!




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    Greetings Brian et al.
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