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New Photo Gallery: 25 Gasser-Style Cars

New Photo Gallery: 25 Gasser-Style Cars

One of my favorite rants is about Gassers. Like the fact that too many guys today want to put a straight-axle under the front of any car and call it a Gasser despite the fact that history shows us that not all Gassers had ‘axles and not all ‘axle cars were Gassers. Guys also ran solid front axles in cars that raced in Altered, Modified Production, Factory Experimental, Match Bash, and Modified Sports. The term Gasser refers to the cars that ran in the NHRA and AHRA Gas classes of the late ’50s through the mid ’70s, though the style that guys emulate today is pretty much from the ’64-’68 years.

I say all that as a caveat to viewers of our latest photo gallery, in which I use the term Gasser by today’s loose standards. Some of these cars, with altered wheelbases and such, would not have run in Gas back in the heyday. Nevertheless, they are cool cars to look at.


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One thought on “New Photo Gallery: 25 Gasser-Style Cars

  1. Robert M

    Love ’em, love ’em, love ’em!
    I never get tired of gassers!
    Thanks for the morning lift!

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