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Shop Tour: Hot Rod Chassis and Cycle – Addison, Illinois

Shop Tour: Hot Rod Chassis and Cycle – Addison, Illinois

(Words by Bob Chiluk – Photos by Greg Rourke and Bob Chiluk) – Technology is advancing at a dizzying pace. If we don’t grab on we will be left in the dust like a couple of fat guys in a Yugo. Don’t get me wrong, keeping up with whats going on today is a necessity of our every day lives, but we started from somewhere far away from where we are now, especially in the world of hot rodding.

The tools , the methods, and the craftsmanship of days gone by are not the norm anymore. Call it old school but don’t call it dead because we found it alive and well in Illinois. Check out Hotrod Chassis and Cycle (www.hotrodchassisandcycle.com  ) in Addison to see how it was done, how it is done and how they will keep doing it. Gracious host Kevin Tully swung the shop doors open and let us have all access to his 10,000 square foot shop that is jam packed with all things hot rod. Dont look for flashy chrome, computer controls, or dare we even say “billet”. All cars and and projects are definitely built to the design and methods our dads, grandfathers, and uncles built back in the day. Hot Rod Chassis & Cycle sticks with builds that are pre 1964,and boy do they have them. Forget about what you hear and read in the media about a troubled economy, Kevin’s concern is how to get the current projects completed to accommodate the almost two year wait to get your junk in! Take a look at the gallery and be transported back in time for a live history lesson.

These are the guys who built the  bitchin’ road race themed 1964 Pontiac GTO for Raybestos brakes giveaways and tons of other killer cars and trucks. The Raybestos is having a modern Mustang done this year (BBBOOOOOOOO!) so Kevin isn’t thrashing on another Raybestos car at the current time.

This shop is huge and the contents are freaking awesome! Hit the link below to check it out!

Shop Tour Gallery Link:


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4 thoughts on “Shop Tour: Hot Rod Chassis and Cycle – Addison, Illinois

  1. Greg

    There was exactly one small block Chevy in this shop. I lost count of early Hemis, almost tripped over a Hillborn injected Nailhead. Thats a genuine Cammer also. They are putting together a blown, injected 394 Olds together for a 55 Chevy pickup. It will have drum brakes on all four wheels, because that’s how it was in those days.

  2. one of the Chi Town Hustlers

    Please note that the red Raybestos SOHC pick up that is at Hotrod Chassis and Cycle was actually built by Troy Ladd at Hollywood Hotrods. Kevin is just storing it till Hot Rod Power Tour this year.

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