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Here’s A Preview Of Some Of The Bad Ass Rides You’ll See At The SEMA Show Next Week! We’ll Get Photos Of All Of Them

Here’s A Preview Of Some Of The Bad Ass Rides You’ll See At The SEMA Show Next Week! We’ll Get Photos Of All Of Them

With the 2019 SEMA Show in Las Vegas starting in just a couple days, you know that we are going to be running around and jamming tons of photos together for our coverage from this epic event. The newest parts, cars, gadgets, and more come out of this show each and every year and we can’t wait to see what’s new from all the best companies in the aftermarket. We also can’t wait to see what new little companies are around making cool new stuff. But the cars are probably one of the biggest things each year at SEMA. Who’s got what in who’s booth is always the talk of SEMA. And with the highest level of build quality the norm with projects at SEMA, it is always interesting to see what the top builders are going to bring. Well here is a preview so you can be ahead of the curve. Check them out below thanks to our friends at Bowler.

We’re just a few days away from the annual SEMA show and we can feel the anticipation building.  Some cars are still getting finished, on their way there, and some are already in Vegas waiting to be seen by the 160,000 plus enthusiasts that are about to descend upon the 2.2 million square feet of show space.  Love it or hate it, the SEMA show is one of those events that you just can’t ignore.  It’s also that one time a year where you get to see the majority of the best builder’s in the world showcasing their talents.  Each year we like to highlight the builds that we have been given the honor to be a part of.  Some of these have already been making waves and some we can’t even show you yet, but here’s a sneak peek at some of the must see build’s that will be making an appearance at this year’s show.
Ring Brothers are no strangers to over the top builds and it looks like this year will be no exception.  They will be bringing two brand new builds to the show.  The top rendering is a 1969 Camaro –” Valkyrja” and it will debut in the BASF booth #20353 Tuesday at 9:30 am.  This Camaro is equipped with a Bowler prepped Tremec Magnum 6 speed.
The 1969 Mach 1 Mustang “UNKL” will be in the Holley booth #22559 and the reveal is Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. The Mustang also features a Bowler prepped Tremec Magnum 6 speed.
Our good friends over at Designer Street Rods will be bringing out this sweet 1967 Nova for the GoodGuys Rod and Custom booth# 22975.  The Nova was originally debuted at the GoodGuys Columbus show this summer and will eventually be given away to a lucky winner at that same show in the Summer of 2020.  We supplied this build with one of our Bowler prepped Tremec Magnum 6 speeds.
Rad Rides by Troy has earned the reputation for crafting some of the highest quality builds to ever grace a stretch of pavement, and this 1959 Cadillac owned by Randy Wilcox is another example of what can be done with the right amount of talent and vision.  The pictures of this car do not convey the level of craftsmanship involved, and it is truly something that has to be seen in person, which you can do by visiting the Eaton booth# 22963.  The Cadillac is equipped with a Bowler 4L80E automatic.
The crew at BBT Fabrications does some of the best metal shaping in the automotive world and this 1969 Camaro is another fine example of their level of skill.  We’re pretty sure there wasn’t a panel left untouched on this build and a stop by the HRIA booth# 23393 should definitely be on your list.  The Camaro is set up with a Bowler prepped Tremec Magnum 6 speed.
The Roadster Shop has been cranking out some amazing builds over the last few years and this 1965 Pontiac Catalina is a great example of their ability to create a work of art.  Powered by one of their really cool SB4 engines backed by a Bowler Stage 2 prepped Tremec Magnum XL 6 speed converted to work behind a GM engine, this car flat out hauls, and with the Baer brakes set up it can stop just as quick.  Check it out at the Baer Brakes booth# 24125
The guys over at JH Restorations in Canada are putting together something you’ve probably not seen in a while or maybe ever.  This 1973 Toyota Celica named the ” Tokyo Trans-Am” is going to be another great example of building a screaming street monster out of an unlikely platform.  Although the build is using a unique transmission set up that we do not build, we were able to provide them with some of our interior treatments to help create a custom remote linkage shifter set up and hand brake lever.  If you get a chance be sure to stop by the Edelbrock booth# 22643 and check this thing out!
Brian Cruz and his gang over at Cruzer’s Customs will be debuting this killer 1964 Buick Riviera “Vanquish”. Set on top of a Roadster Shop chassis, powered by a 550hp Don Hardy engine and shifted by a Bowler 4L70E automatic this Riv will be hard to beat.  You can check it out in the BASF booth# 20353
With almost 2,000 horse power between these two builds, Bent Metal Customs knows how to party!  Justin and his crew are building some insanely cool cars and trucks over at their shop and all the stops have been pulled to get the performance level topped out on these builds.  The 1969 Camaro is equipped with a Mast Motorsports LS3 churning out 1,000hp through the Bowler Stage 2 prepped Tremec Magnum 6 speed and will be on display in the Mast Motorsports booth# 23575.  The 1970 Nova is cranking out a solid 900hp through it’s LS2 backed up with a Bowler 4L85E automatic.  The Nova will be a feature car at the show and part of the Battle of the Builders competition.
Goolsby Customs has only been giving out a few sneak peaks at their current build heading out to SEMA.  This 1932 Ford equipped with a Bowler Tru-Street 4L60E automatic will make it’s debut at the Lokar booth# 23275.  If you check out their Facebook feed you’ll see a few more pics that lead us to believe this one will be another fine example of the top notch quality they’re known for.
Randy over at Painthouse Texas has turned out another stunning build with this 1955 Chevy truck equipped with a Bowler Performance 5 speed manual.  This one will be getting it’s tan on out in Vegas over at the Griot’s Garage outside display.
Sometimes it’s hard to believe that a car this nice gets punished out on a race track, but that’s exactly what Nick Weber does with this killer 1960 Corvette.  Set to race in the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational, Nick will have the car on display over at Optima Alley all week.  Equipped with a Bowler Stage 2 prepped Tremec Magnum 6 speed and S1 Sequential shifter, Nick is ready to win!
Kyle Tucker knows how to build some outstanding rides that not only look amazing, but can back it up with the performance to match.  His company, Detroit Speed, has proven they can build the best of pretty much whatever they put their sights on.  This year they will be bringing the crowd favorite 1987 Camaro “DSE-Z” equipped with a Bowler Stage 2 prepped Tremec Magnum 6 speed for the Holley booth# 22559, and then taking it over to the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational.  Stuart Adam’s 1969 Camaro “TUX”, set up with a Bowler Stage 2 prepped Tremec Magnum will also be making another appearance in the main entrance to the show after winning the Battle of the Builders last year.

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