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Holley LS Fest X: The Downhill Power Wheels Challenge!

Holley LS Fest X: The Downhill Power Wheels Challenge!

The only amazing thing about the Downhill Power Wheels Challenge at LS Fest X is that it didn’t happen sooner. We’ve been showing you the videos that rockbouncers and trailhounds have done, where you see humans bouncing and people flopping down the rough dirt road. There aren’t any real dirt trails on Beech Bend that have the right steepness required for gravity-assisted fun – well, none that don’t lead directly into the Barren River, anyways – but there’s a nice ribbon of asphalt in one of the fields behind the entrance to the track that would do the trick.

So, with a sold-out field of competitors and a field full of Craigslist-sourced, well-worn Power Wheels stripped of engines and batteries, the racing field was set. And as we were walking up we couldn’t miss the buckets filled with water balloons. Those were meant for the drivers. As if impacts, wheels that left the vehicle, and bad driving wasn’t going to be enough fun. And the action didn’t disappoint. Wheels flew off. Skin was scraped. A Power Wheels Escalade was yard-saled entirely after it went barrel-rolling. And a dude dressed up like Batman took a water balloon directly to the face.

Here’s the action…what do you think? Should they bring this back again?

Click on a photo below to check out the carnage action!

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