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Quick Gallery: Toy Cars From The Past (Ok, I Got Drug Into Antiquing With The Wife…)

Quick Gallery: Toy Cars From The Past (Ok, I Got Drug Into Antiquing With The Wife…)

Here’s another quick gallery from the improv road trip that Haley and I got to take, and this should appeal to the kid in all of you. Haley likes checking out antique stores…something about old crystal place ware and silver platters. Honestly, there are two things easily found in antique stores that I could give a rat’s backside about: old license plates and old toy cars. My tastes are varied, but basically if it has four wheels, is shaped like a car, and (usually) is older than I am, I’m intrigued. Some of the toys I’ve seen are beautifully detailed or resemble some of the hand-me-down stuff I had as a kid. Other stuff is just plain cool, like old metal Tonka trucks and 1950s tin-toy style cars. We hit up two antique stores in the Colorado Springs area, and as she walked aisle after aisle looking for trays, I was hunting for toys. Finding a 1965 Ford Mustang that was filled with Jim Beam was pretty cool, and I nearly caved over $300 worth of Hot Wheels being sold as a set that had a lot of the rubber-tire cars in it, but instead settled on a red-and-white Plymouth Belvedere die-cast model for $40, which will be part of my office. There’s really cool stuff in here…some of the hook-and-ladder fire trucks are just badass!





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8 thoughts on “Quick Gallery: Toy Cars From The Past (Ok, I Got Drug Into Antiquing With The Wife…)

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    I find this article most annoying as if I’d had the foresight to save all my various toy cars and trucks in the 1950s and early 1960s in mint and boxed condition I would be living in the lap of luxury as some of them are now literally worth thousands of pounds.

    Oh for a time machine……

    1. jerry z

      You and 99% of the rest of the male population feel that way!

      I still have a few redline Hot Wheels but far from mint condition!

      The only toy I wish was still around was my 1966 electric powered Batmobile!

  2. Tracy

    I still have some of my Tonka trucks from the early and mid 60s. I’ve bought some to replace the ones that I don’t have anymore and some I never had.

  3. starterguy

    I will take the HO slot cars please! A couple of those AFX cars would look good with my collection.

  4. Turbo Regal

    I’ve have my Tonkas and Hot Wheels…in played with condition. What kid has the foresight to take a toy and keep it in the package? They’re toys, for goodness sake!

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