How Bad Do You Need It: Meet The $15,000 Boss 429 Air Cleaner

How Bad Do You Need It: Meet The $15,000 Boss 429 Air Cleaner

We knew the the exhaust manifolds for a Boss 429 were worth some major coin but we did not know that the stock air cleaner was another insanely valuable chunk of pot metal also found on Ford’s hairy Mustang of the late 60s and early 1970s. Yes, this is literally the stock air cleaner assembly off of a Boss 429 and while it is nice, complete, and in good shape, the fact that anyone thinks it is worth $15,000 is completely insane.

You could hire a metal guy to make you one from scratch for less than this!

What makes it special? Other than some identifying numbers on a sticker, there isn’t whole lot. The design is kind of a hybrid in terms of an old air cleaner housing because the car used a cowl style induction hood. The top of the tub that the actual air filter sits in has that rubber gasket to seal to the hood. The high volume filter was inside of that.

For cold weather starting the cat had the same manifold scavenging heat stove pipe that would have attached to the end of the snorkel and feb the engine warm air with the heat sensitive flap shown in the photos.

Some kid likely yanked this off back in the day to get an open element filter on the engine. Little did he know…

eBay: Here’s a stock Boss 429 air cleaner for sale at $15,000


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8 thoughts on “How Bad Do You Need It: Meet The $15,000 Boss 429 Air Cleaner

  1. Pete231

    Bangshift needs to save all these ripoff parts articles and post them at the end of the year. Then, have the readers vote on them as to which ones have more nerve than a bad tooth. This one could be a top ten contender for the “Unobtanium Award” for 2019. So, BL, step up to the pump and let’s do it……..

  2. Joel Hemi

    Original Boss ‘9 parts can be distinguished from the reproductions by the experts. And to win top honors at a judged show, you need all original parts, no repops. Did you ever wonder where all the original Boss 429 parts for sale come from? Like people are parting out Boss ‘9s nd scrapping the leftover shell?
    I’m not saying this is the case here, but here is what I know happens: Some soulless dirtbag dealers buy cars that have the rare original parts intact. Then they replace a bunch of original parts with repops. Then sell the car for a profit to an unwitting buyer. (especially bad if they use the cars previous judging score to tout the car)
    THen viola! Lots of expensive, original parts for sale. There have been lawsuis over this. There ought to be special place in hell for the scum that break up original, rare cars like this.

  3. Jeff

    as if the price wasn’t asinine enough, they want to charge you $200 shipping on top of it!

  4. c502cid

    You guys scoff at someone trying to get top dollar, and someone with very deep pockets will indeed pay it. In the same breath you cream your jeans at everything Jay Leno does as some sort of heroic gearhead. smfh.

    1. Riverratcustoms

      I believe Jay Leno keeps his stuff. Also he has the capability to make his own parts when needed. Different animal…

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