No Frills Fun: This 1964 Chevy Biscayne Has A Four-Speed, A 283, and Nice Black Paint

No Frills Fun: This 1964 Chevy Biscayne Has A Four-Speed, A 283, and Nice Black Paint

We constantly hear guys telling us that all they want is the most basic, no-frills, old-school car to have fun in. Well, fellas are it is. We found this 1964 Chevy Biscayne for sale on and it fits the mold of everyone who wants to just dump the the clutch, row the gears, and not worry about anything else. This thing has black paint, a couple of black bench seats, a little 283ci small block and that’s about it. The paint looks great, the price looks right to us at a shade under $20,000 and it doesn’t seem like you’ll have to worry about such complexities as power steering or brakes!

The Biscayne was Chevrolet’s lowest trim level during the middle 1960s and that made them the lightest and therefore most unassuming cars in the lineup. The legendary L72 big block cars get all kinds of attention. Those came a few years after machines like this one did, but we’re going to guess that even with the little 283, this car is plenty of fun to drive. Additionally, we think it would be awesome to build a really ratty looking but stout small block to play into the sleeper image of the car. Or you could leave well enough alone and just drive this black beauty as it sits.

The 283 looks like it has an aftermarket carb on it and an aluminum intake manifold but it still has the stock exhaust manifolds in place so if it’s making more than 200hp at the wheels we’d be surprised. That’s all easily fixed though.

How would you “do” this Biscayne?

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12 thoughts on “No Frills Fun: This 1964 Chevy Biscayne Has A Four-Speed, A 283, and Nice Black Paint

  1. Pete231

    23 large for a taxicab with a 283 and a row it ur-self ? Lots of tin to be pushing around with a mouse motor. Needs a hairy chested 396 to make it interesting …

  2. Paul

    427 with a roots blower or a Paxton (as long as everything fits under the stock hood) air conditioning, and as much tire as you can fit under the back. PERFECT!!!

  3. Dave

    I’d do a retro “looking” 383 stroker with some old orange painted valve covers and a 327 decal on the air cleaner And some racier rubber.

      1. Barry Reeves

        I have a 58 Chevy Biscayne with a 327 , 4 spd , 9 in Ford rear and Boyd Coddington rims . Junkyard dogs . Volkswagen Red and black interior.

  4. Chevy-lovin' Sane Georie

    Funny how tall the sidewalls look on that Biscayne. I guess we’ve gotten so used to modern low-profile tires that what still looked ‘normal’ 20+ years ago looks odd now.
    Btw, I would have gone with a stout 327 or (like others suggested)– a built 383 disguised as a stock 283.

  5. Rod Launer

    I’d go with something like a L-79 350 h.p., 327, with EFI, dressed like a 283. Put in a 5-speed for drivability, 3:73’s, posi, and drive the wheels off it.

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