This 1968 Coronet Has A 650hp Hemi, A Great Father And Son Story, And 10-Second Time Slips

This 1968 Coronet Has A 650hp Hemi, A Great Father And Son Story, And 10-Second Time Slips

I always think of myself as kind of a “non-denominational” car guy. I like lots of different things including but not limited to muscle cars of all different makes, trucks of the slow variety, classics like Deusenbergs, and other four wheeled conveyances that catch my eye. That being said, I may be a closet Mopar guy. As many of you know, I write some features for Mopar Muscle Magazine and those have exposed me to a raft of killer Chrysler products and because of that I have lots more appreciation than I ever did for the Chryslers of the golden age of the muscle car.

This particular car hits me right between the eyes. When I was a kid patrolling the now non-existent classified section of Hot Rod Magazine I stumbled upon a Coronet R/T and had no idea what it was. I asked my dad and he told me that those were cool cars because they were the lower buck body style with the big hairy engine. From that point on I have loved the simple styling and the no-holds barred performance that those big block Coronets brought to the table.

This particular car has been built by a father and son as a passion project and it is one hell of a hot rod. 650hp Indy “Legend” Hemi, a unique color sourced from a 1960s Triumph motorcycle, Strange Ultimate 60 rear axle, and good Hotchkis parts in the nose. Gregg Somerville and his sone Grant fell in love with this car when the found it and they have really done it right.

The car is not overdone, it is not gaudy, it has been beaten on and Gregg’s son Grant has driven it to his prom. Is there more to want out of a muscle car? We don’t think so.

Click here for the full story on this 1968 Coronet!

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7 thoughts on “This 1968 Coronet Has A 650hp Hemi, A Great Father And Son Story, And 10-Second Time Slips

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Could the Triumph motorcycle colour be off the wonderful redesign of the Trident by Graig Vetter?

  2. john

    Building a street hemi for the son to take to his prom…he and his date may get there but will they get home…? Bad/sad things are known to happen on prom night.

    1. Brian Lohnes Post author

      Being that he already attended the prom in the car, I think things will be OK.

  3. Just Gary

    Beautiful car. Restraint- knowing when to stop- is an under appreciated attribute.

  4. Danno

    Very clean car. Thanks for not hacking it up, blacking everything out and putting giant pizza cutter wheels on it. Nice to see a 60’s muscle car recreated in a way we older guys remember them. Love the engine but I can only imagine what it cost. Definitely more than I have ever paid for an entire car. Yeah, I’m definitely jealous…

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