Long Lost No More: This 1969 AMC Javelin TV Commercial Featuring A Blown, Drag Strip Prepped Version, RULES!

Long Lost No More: This 1969 AMC Javelin TV Commercial Featuring A Blown, Drag Strip Prepped Version, RULES!
(By Greg Rourke) – I’ve been an AMC fan for a long time. My grandfather always drove them, but they were always a Nash to him. I drove a Levi’s Gremlin X to high school, I sure would like to find one of those today not selling for big money.  I remember this TV commercial, when they say “long lost”, they aren’t kidding. Many folks on AMC forums have asked about it, no one seemed to know where it could be found. Until now.
Here we have a kid pulling into Dad’s driveway with his recently acquired Javelin. Apparently ol’ Dad bought it for him. Junior has made a few minor upgrades, Dad is less than impressed, especially with the blower and bug catcher topping the optional 390 mill. The kid whacks the throttle a few times to no avail. Dad really flips out when he notices the reclining bucket seats and deep pile carpet are gone, “useless weight on the dragstrip” the kid notes. Pops then calls Mom out to see how they ungrateful little brat has butchered his gift, which ticks off Junior, and hilarity ensues.
This appears to be a 1969 commercial. I remember seeing it on our black and white television with rabbit ear antennas on top. Being a lifelong gearhead, and being age 10 at the time it was memorable.  While blowers sticking out of hoods became more common in the later 70’s (remember Dyer’s Streetchargers?) seeing one on a street driven car would have been quite unusual at the time. Otherwise, the rake and the big meats protruding from the back fenders was standard day two fare.
  Give it a watch while I scan the internet for Gremlins.


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17 thoughts on “Long Lost No More: This 1969 AMC Javelin TV Commercial Featuring A Blown, Drag Strip Prepped Version, RULES!

    1. Mike

      You’re welcome!
      Found it by chance!
      I couldn’t believe it!
      Glad it’s back out there for all to enjoy!!

    2. Steve Fowler

      You guys are welcome I look for that forever and tripped over it with some classic car videos that had 50 other cars advertised painstaking going through each individual once I found it. I\’m glad everyone enjoyed it as much as I did thanks!

    3. Steve Fowler

      Sorry Mike says Steve Fowler in the corner of the original video that’s me I’ve had the video for over a year. And I didn’t publish it until March. So go check the YouTube video if you have anymore questions

      1. Mike

        Lol! Nice try Steve!
        Found it and posted it for all to see back in March after I found it. From there I really don’t care what you did with it as I’m glad that I got to share with with many.
        Have quite a few well known amc enthusiasts that could and will attest that I had located it so keep on Amcing!!!
        Cheers! Enjoy the video!

  1. sam freeman

    My friends dad owned that car when i was about ten years old. i remember riding in the back seat of that car, fake blower and dummy gauges all so cool when your a little kid. one time is dad drove us to the toy store to buy hot wheels in that car. i have been looking for this comrshel for long time. thank for finding it.

  2. Challengers

    I bought a 69 Javelin in 1975. I was going to turn it into a pro street car but never got around to it. My son bought it in 1982 and made a drag car out of it.

  3. SSNOVA427

    I was a 12 year old car model junkie when that commercial aired.That car pushed me into the hard stuff. No rehab for me.

  4. jerry z

    I was only 6 yrs old when this commercial was aired. All car commercials pretty much sucked by the mid-70’s.

  5. Tut

    The big question, why did they take a crappy phone video of their screen when they could’ve shared he actual video link.

    1. Mike

      That’s the way I found it!
      It’s not a phone video.
      The way you see it is the way I found it.

  6. Ronnieroadster

    I remember that commercial and another one AMC had for the Javelin featuring the blown car what a lasting impression that made on a teen. HEY JAVELIN Now look at me record holder on the salt flats and a 200 MPH club life time member good things for sure.

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