Video: Is The Tri-Five Chevy The Most Versatile Hot Rod Ever?

Video: Is The Tri-Five Chevy The Most Versatile Hot Rod Ever?

When we think about different iconic cars or platforms that people have built on in every way seemingly possible, the Tri-Five Chevy climbs high on that list. Why? The availability of parts, the availability or knowledge, and their fantastic looks are all huge reasons why these cars are so popular. But is this generation of automobile actually the most versatile hot rodding platform ever?

RideTech wanted to know so they set forth with their camera and asked people some questions at the 2019 Tri-Five nationals to get an answer. As we have told you and as you will see here, the event was loaded with every imaginable form of 1955/56/57 Chevy goodness you could think of and people were loving every second.

They had a knowledgeable and captive audience and here’s what it looked like when they aimed the lens a the fans of the fabulous cars people were there to celebrate. If you love classic Chevys like the ones featured here, you’ll dig this video.

Press play and listen to some opinions on the role of the Tri-Five Chevy

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9 thoughts on “Video: Is The Tri-Five Chevy The Most Versatile Hot Rod Ever?

  1. Gary

    “I wanna build a hot rod, my own, unique expression of who I am, and my love of hot rods. I know, I’ll build a Chevy. Just. Like. Everyone. Else.”

  2. Riverratcustoms

    Great cars. Had several. still have a 57 now. Easy to work on. Easy to modify or restore to original. Major affordable for anyone. Hold their value good. They drive nice. Best classic lines especially of the 50’s. Chevy haters are just plain jealous. Not many people I know that dislike them. Really not a better hot-rod or original…

  3. Matt Cramer

    No disrespect intended to the tri-5 Chevies, but I think the Fox body Mustang may have them beat for versatility, although this may be because they’re still a car you can treat as expendable. I’ve seen Fox bodies done up for performance rally racing, road courses, drift events, and several other things I can’t recall ever seeing a ’55-’57 Chevy entered in. And the days of running one of the Chevies at a dirt track are over – although it would be rather interesting if somebody came up with a series of rubber-composite dirt track bodies for a spec dirt oval series.

    Now, if you see a tri-5 Chevy driven in anger, it’s almost certainly on a dragstrip – or maybe at Bonneville or a Goodguys autocross.

    That said, the tri-5 Chevies signify “a very different car from a very different time period” in a way a Fox body Mustang won’t. A road trip across the USA in a 5.0 Mustang? Not so different from taking my old Buick, other than more cramped and a little louder. A road trip across the USA in a ’57 Chevy is a lot more of an adventure.

  4. jerry z

    My first car was a ’68 Camaro back in 1980. A fee yrs down the road, I picked up a ’55. It was a former drag car with a 301, dual quads on tunnel ram, 4 spd. I sat in the car for the first time and though hell my Camaro had more room! Growing up you read and heard about the “old” cars having lots of room inside by the old folk then. Not the ’55!

  5. 75Duster

    Although I’m a Mopar guy, my favorite ’55 -’57 Chevys are :
    My friend Sonny Ketchum’s ’56 Bel Air convertible two tone yellow / black.
    Mike Finnigan’s Blasthemi.
    Two Lane Blacktop / American Graffiti ’55.

  6. Patrick

    I don’t think versatile is the correct description of the two-five. The fox body stang can be road raced drag raced etc.

    For versatility as a hot rod I think the VW bug would qualify. Off road, drag race , road race, etc. they have been into everything

  7. Jim Kennedy

    I own a 1955 Chevy 2 door Sedan & cruise with it every chance that I can get..It does turn the heads when I take it out for a cruise & those “show room junkies” do not know what they are missing.. God bless the Tri-5 !!!! They are the Coolest around…

  8. Jason P

    I don’t even look at them (or 1st gen Camaros) at a car show or cruise in anymore. I’m guranteed to see at least 3 at any even I go to and I think I’ve seen just about everything that can be done to them. I know its my opinion but I think the Fords, Pontiacs, Olds, and Buick’s of the same years were much more interesting to look at. Its a shame not as many of those cars were preserved as these car show belly buttons.

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