Whole Lotta Mirada: This 1982 Dodge Mirada Has An Engorged Big Block And More – Neat Car!

Whole Lotta Mirada: This 1982 Dodge Mirada Has An Engorged Big Block And More – Neat Car!

We know, and yes we feel bad. We’re feeling the same thing that you are. A certain uneasiness, right? Living with the knowledge that McTaggart is going to see this and lose his mind has us a little freaked out, a little guilty, and a little interested in what his take is.

For the first time in our lives we are actually saying that a 1982 Dodge Mirada is a cool car. All it took was a killer stance, some nice wheels, good rubber, a 470ci bad ass Chrysler big block, and a 727 backed by a Gear Vendors. That’s the starter kit to making a 1982 Mirada cool. Just that easy!

As the seller says in the ad, “dare to be different.” This was a mantra born on the pages of hot rod magazine and for a long stretch they had a whole issue dedicated to the “dare to be different” cars from across the country. It was one of our favorites to read and see each year because you always knew something cool would be hiding on the pages. Something like this.

While McTaggart will have inappropriate levels of love for this car, the rest of us at BangShift world HQ legitimately dig it and would cruise the wheels off of it. If that big block with the Indy heads and other good parts has any guts at all this thing could be a real party on the streets and strip. Beyond all that though, it is a well turned out example of a semi-forgotten and unloved platform. A true hot rod that’s just flipping neat!

Thanks for the tip Chris Yocum!

Craigslist: This 1982 Dodge Mirada is a big block bruiser for sure 

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6 thoughts on “Whole Lotta Mirada: This 1982 Dodge Mirada Has An Engorged Big Block And More – Neat Car!

  1. Danno

    Uh, sorry but I don’t think any amount of showering could wash the ugly off me after driving this metal crate. I understand the desire to do something different, but this car model is just downright fugly and no adjustment of the stance or wheel change can overcome the inherit fugliness. To each there own.

  2. Samson Soliday

    Looks cool i wish more people would appreciate the last real rwd 2 door that Chrysler corporation made what was after this a few k cars then 90s…and so on this is the last old school 2 door mopar and im glad i own one

  3. KCR

    I’m a Mopar guy all the way. Some people can live with the plastic bumpers,not me. The car looks good .However the price WOW! I wish him luck on the sale .

  4. Ed

    I sorta like the Miradas, but yes this would be a tough sell even with the apparently cleanly done mods. $15K car maybe?

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