2018 NHRA Winternationals: A Guest Gallery From The Talented Burghardt Boys!

2018 NHRA Winternationals: A Guest Gallery From The Talented Burghardt Boys!

(Photos by Mike and Jeff Burghardt) – Photography is an interesting thing, right? I mean, most of us have the ability to aim a device at something and “make” a picture but it’s just that. A poorly crafted picture of something that’s probably got our thumb in the way or some other such nonsense. Real photography tells stories and captures moments that leave an impression on us.

From art to news reporting, photography has a million facets. Mike and Jeff Burghardt are BangShift contributors who get the good stuff. We are lucky to have great contributors around the country that send us images from events. We have been showing you a load of Wes Allison photos from the 2018 Winternationals over the last few days and they will continue on but we wanted to break it up with this group from Mike and Jeff.

This is a great random collection of images. From people to cars they have it covered. Oh…how about the A/Fuel dragster in the lead photo? Pretty interesting way to attack the design of a dragster, right?


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8 thoughts on “2018 NHRA Winternationals: A Guest Gallery From The Talented Burghardt Boys!

    1. Greg

      I looked it up, based on 750 on the wing and Brian noting it’s a A/ Fueler. Dusty Green driving. The results show it as a TAD, but the lack of a blower would mean nitro. NHRA doesn’t show it making a pass on the Results page, another site shows it running a 6 something, qualified dead last. Maybe DQ’d for some reason? I feel NHRA doesn’t welcome diversity, but I’d have to think someone got the okay on that design before welding the pipe.
      Can anyone clarify? Was this guy a fan of Diamond Dave Miller?

      1. jack

        that purple A/Fuel car has been around for 15yrs at least…i remember seeing it at pomona 14-15yrs ago…..he was dropping cylinders really bad this past weekend.

  1. Dusty

    I was in the purple car last weekend. It was built by the Foster’s out of Santa Cruz around 18 years ago. They were trying something different to build a safer car. After the initial reaction wears off and you take a moment to look at it and talk to Mark you get an idea of some of his reasoning for building it that way. Unfortunately Mark has never had the budget to run the car in a competitive manor and it is still an unproven design from a performance standpoint. It was on a respectable pass Saturday when the slide valve malfunctioned and it dropped holes. Had a .959 60’ and 2.56 330’ time. Not bad for nearly 20 year old equipment.
    I’m not sure when he’s going to run it again but I know his goal is to run in the 5.60-70 range just to prove the chassis could. Best to date is a 5.98.

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    It was full of the beams every day of the race and hit the peak of madness on Friday and Saturday when the place was so crowded that people were trying to storm the tower to find a place to sit. This event is fun and attracted cars from all corners of the North American continent. It\’s long, we ran late, but at the end of the weekend there\’s nothing like it in the world

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