You Mad (Max) Bro? This Interceptor Replica May Be The Nicest One In The World!

You Mad (Max) Bro? This Interceptor Replica May Be The Nicest One In The World!

In the dystopian future depicted in the famous movie Mad Max, there is one bright spot. That of course is the famed Interceptor “police car” driven by our hero, the Road Warrior. The car, with its clutched blower, Cleveland small block Ford engine, zoomie pipes dumping behind the doors, and oddly appealing roof wing, is an icon of movie history. Loads of hot rodders love the thing for what it represents. There’s one major complication with actually building replicas here in the USA, though. That’s the scarcity of good Aussie Falcons to start with and the pain in the ass issues of actually getting one in the country if you wanted to.

This car is immaculate and it was seemingly done right. The seller has a build book that shows over $115,000 spent to construct the car and it also shows the fact that the body was brought down to bare steel and then the car was built around it. While the majority of the modifications are concentrating on nailing the look of the Interceptor, stuff like the four speed transmission, and warmed up engine make the go as good as the show.

The Interceptor is not our favorite movie car but it is up there. The thing goes through hell and back, sounds great, and fully embodies the spirit of horsepower, freedom, and taking on the bad guys, no matter how stacked the odds are. The original car is apparently owned by a wealthy collector. We agree with the ad in saying that if you have ever wanted one of these things, this the next best thing to owning the original!

Link: This Max Mad Interceptor Replica May Be The Nicest One In The World

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9 thoughts on “You Mad (Max) Bro? This Interceptor Replica May Be The Nicest One In The World!


    If I were to build a replica…and spend the stupid money to do it…I like to think I would spend the money and put a real fricken blower on it….

      1. jerry z

        The owner Andy from Junkyard Empire did just that and install a real blower on his Mad Max replica. Sounded good too!

  2. chevy hatin' mad geordie

    What a pile of shit!

    The blower is obviously a cheap plastic fake and the REAL Interceptor was NEVER that clean. Still – an asshole and their money are easily parted I suppose.

  3. RK - no relation

    You would have to be a serious freak for that movie to pay that much for this.

    I have been to that museum (Volo Cars, Illinois) and their website has a huge assortment of cars for sale, some even affordable compared to this

  4. Whelk

    The Falcon XB is a pretty good looking platform to begin with. I’m glad they did the pre-Road Warrior version.

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