This 2,500hp Street Rod Would Blow The Doors Off Of The Leno Merlin Powered Bentley – Urge Overkill Here!

This 2,500hp Street Rod Would Blow The Doors Off Of The Leno Merlin Powered Bentley – Urge Overkill Here!

This is a 2,500hp street rod or it is as least claimed to be a 2,500hp street rod by the guy looking to sell it for $200,000 on eBay. The car is a 1932 Ford sedan delivery body that is part tractor puller, part street rod, and all custom built. The engines are blown and nitrous injected Arias Hemi Chevy mills, the transmission is a Powerglide designed to handle the power of a pro mod drag car, and the rear end is a Moser Dana 60 that is built to the hilt to handle all the power that both of these snarling engines can throw at it. Honestly, the thing is amazingly well built but it is completely and utterly ridiculous in ways that we certainly appreciate. From a functionality point of view everything seems to work so you could drive this car down the road and cruise it to shows and stuff in your local area. From the usability point of view, this car would drink fuel like it was flowing from a fire hose, probably rides like a farm tractor, and has no ability to actually apply the power that these engines make to the ground. Burnouts at three times the legal speed limit? Probably. Hero at the drag strip or anywhere that actual acceleration is required? Probably not.

We understand why cars like this get built and we thoroughly enjoy looking at it and considering just how nastily overpowered it is. That’s the root of hot rodding, right? The more power the better? Undeniably, seeing two blown Hemis, especially of the Arias variety is shock and awe like few other cars in the world, even the 27-liter Leno Bentley can deliver but after that initial blurtation of swear words, what are you left with? In our eyes, you have an act that needs to appear in a new city every week to stay fresh and continue to get that response.

Here’s the text of the eBay ad:

Well….some vehicles just don’t fall in to any category and that is a great thing. What you’re looking at is a truly special custom build with no expense spared. “Twice Blown” is a 1932 Ford Sedan Delivery custom pro street. It is street legal, but nowhere close to normal. Each engine produces 1,250 horsepower. Each motor has its own fuel system, starter, alternator, and computer system. Both motors can be tuned separately with a laptop computer and then joined together. This is all on a chassis custom engineered to handle 2,500 horsepower paired with a fiberglass Gibbon body. The 2 engines are identical where each engine is made up of a Keith Black all aluminum 572ci Hemi, Eagle crank & rods, Ross 9.2 CR custom pistons, Competition flat tappet cam shaft, Milodon gear drives, Milodon 8qt oil system, Stage 5 custom aluminum cylinder heads, Stage 5 rockers, Hi Tech tube seals, Blower Shop Billet 871 aluminum blowers, MSD crank trigger ignitions (6 AL) with power boost retard, and Fast XTI computers. The fuel system is a Fast controlled EFI Tuner, 68lb HR injectors, Enderle Buzzard injector hats, Weldon fuel pumps & filters, and custom IAC system. The #2 radiator is in the rear and both radiators are fed by 2 inline Mezier high flow water pumps that circulate thru both motors. The 2 speed Pro Mod style powerglide is a full manual shift transmission with a fan controlled cooler. The custom 3000 stall converter is by Neil Chance. The rear differential is a Mosier Dana 60 with 3.54 ratio, Detroit locker, and 35 spline axles. There are Wilwood disc brakes in the front & rear. The stainless front axle assembly is from TCI (Total Cost Involved) Engineering. The body was made by Gibbons Fiberglass works. The flawless paint and body work was done by Troxel Specialty Cars. Interior was custom done by Brian Bohde of Indiana. There is also a dual nitrous setup with LED lit up purges (you know….for the kids). This is a one of a kind machine that has never been raced. It has been trailered around to shows and events winning many awards including 1st at the Detroit Autorama and Car of the Year at the Cavalcade of Wheels show in South Bend. Many detailed pictures can be seen at 

All that being said, we still want to drive it! What do you think? Head down the page for more photos and the eBay ad link:



twiceblown4 twiceblown5 twiceblown6

twiceblown2 twiceblown3


eBay link: The Twice Blown twin hemi powered street rod is 2,500hp of ridiculousness 

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10 thoughts on “This 2,500hp Street Rod Would Blow The Doors Off Of The Leno Merlin Powered Bentley – Urge Overkill Here!

  1. GuitarSlinger

    This might … and I do emphasis … Might … be faster than Leno’s Merlin powered Bentley or the multitude of other Merlin/Allison powered cars out there .

    But it aint nearly as damn cool as any of them . Not by a long shot . I mean really . Two engines in a street rod . So what ? We’ve already … Been There – Done That – Got the T shirt to prove it … since the 50’s ( and probably before ) I might add .

    Nope . Aint nothing as cool as a street car with a huge aircraft motor stuck in its snout . Nothing !

    This car being a BangShift …. mehhh … its ok ! 😮

  2. John243

    You think the DANA 60 will hold up with this amount of hoursepower?
    I would expect it will not.
    For the rest, sweet for shows!!

  3. 440 6pac

    Replace them Chevy engines with real Hemis and I’d be more impressed. But I’m not really all the impressed with it

  4. Dirwood

    If those are Chevy hemis why are those distributors Layin over to the right side?

  5. loren

    Couple days later, last post I’m sure… Anybody care yet to explain the weird made-up thing about the Arias/Chevy? Only matters to some, I suppose…you know, the difference between Chevy and Chrysler-based aftermarket Hemi…

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