The Whine And The Roar: This 6-71 Blown 427 Ford Cranks Out Over 700hp On The Dyno

The Whine And The Roar: This 6-71 Blown 427 Ford Cranks Out Over 700hp On The Dyno

It has been too long since we have featured a good old knuckle dragging, blown, screaming big block making great power on the dyno. Yeah, we have shown some small blocks recently but there’s something just perfectly great about a 6-71 blown 427 Ford FE big block. This engine was built by our pal Barry Rabotnik at Survival Motorsports, one of the biggest names in the high performance FE engine building game.

This engine is heading for a boat and we think it’ll do a fine job plowing that scow through the water. Why? Here’s what Barry said about the specs behind the combo, “427 factory block, factory 428 crank, Compression at 9:1, Survival heads, mild solid roller, 1970s vintage 6-71 blower and modest boost, made 714 horsepower at 6900RPM and 597 lbs of torque at 5400 RPM.”

We can’t help but think how much fun this engine would be in a properly geared car. Peak torque at 5400 and peak HP at 6900 would be so much fun on the street and on track we can hardly stand it. This thing would melt tires to the cords for days.

The sound is not anything that helps make power but the blower is about as loud as the engine in this clip. By the time the mill gets to the top of the pull its exhaust note begins to overpower the scream of the huffer. The FE is one of the longest lasting and most successful engine families in domestic automotive history. We love that they were still being built into monsters today.

Press play below to watch as this 6-71 Blown 427 Ford cranks out over 700hp –

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