Actual Two Lane Blacktop 1955 Chevy Movie Car To Hit Block At Barrett Jackson Scottsdale 2015

Actual Two Lane Blacktop 1955 Chevy Movie Car To Hit Block At Barrett Jackson Scottsdale 2015

How’s this for a scoop? One of the actual 1955 Chevys used in the making of the gearhead cult movie hit Two Lane Blacktop will hit the auction block in Scottsdale come January at the giant Barrett-Jackson auction. This car is setup just the way it was during the making of the movie and the work is so accurate, Richard Ruth one of the guys who constructed the car in the first place did some of the important work to put it back the way it was during filming. This was the so-called “Camera Car” which was the machine used to film the interior scenes in the movie. While Two Lane was being made, the car had a big rig on the outside of it where a camera operator could sit, and best we can tell, no passenger door for most of the time. Of the two 1955 Chevys used for interior and exterior shots (there was a third “stunt car”) this is the only one that exists as it did in the movie. The other ’55 is still “alive” but it has been changed and modified over the years so you’d never really know that it was ever used on Two Lane Blacktop. Being that this is the one and only true movie car ’55 left we can only imagine what it will be worth.

Walt Bailey is the guy who owns the car and who was responsible for tracking it down in Canada initially and then getting Richard Ruth involved to put it back into its movie making shape. The car has a tunnel ram equipped 454, a Muncie M-22 “rock crusher” four speed, an Oldsmobile rear end, fiberglass flip nose, lexan windows, fiberglass doors, and a fiberglass trunk lid. The car is a epitome of a street racer and the Two Lane Blacktop movie did a lot of kind of glamorize that scene in ways that had never been done before. The idea of literally traveling the country like some sort of modern day gunfighter with your car racing nightly on a track, on the streets, or wherever you could make some dough for food and a bed is a dream that many guys would love to live out. The car sounded brutal in the movie, it ran very strong (reportedly 10s), and it was such a no-frills, take no prisoners machine, you’ve got to love it.

We’re super interested to see what this car will bring at auction. The move Two Lane Blacktop is pretty strange in a lot of ways and people’s opinions vary wildly about the quality of the film but virtually no one has anything bad to say about the brutally fast, rough edged, grump lump scoop equipped 1955 Chevy that was the actual star of the show. This is one of the premier pieces of gearhead movie lore out there and someone new will own it in January. We bet it brings big dollars when it hits the block. What do you think?

Here’s a statement by current owner Walt Bailey on his TwoLaneBlacktop message board that sheds some light on the sale of the car:

Now’s your chance to own a piece of movie history. The Two-Lane Blacktop ‘55 Chevy will be auctioned at Barrett-Jackson’s Scottsdale auction in January, 2015. This will be the first time the car has been offered publicly since 1985.   Everyone will have an opportunity to buy the car since Barrett-Jackson will take phone bids, so you do not have to travel to Scottsdale in order to put the car in your garage.  Included with the car is a photo album of the restoration of the car to its on-screen appearance, a certificate of authenticity signed by Richard Ruth is included with the car’s documentation, several framed photos of the car in use during filming in 1970, and photos of James Taylor’s reunion with the car.

I am currently working with Barrett-Jackson’s consignments staff on photos for the auction catalog and am waiting on a consignment number and time-slot.

Now, the big question is why?

The short answer is that it’s time. I’ve pretty well accomplished what I wanted with the car.  It’s been restored to its 1971 on-screen appearance.  Richard Ruth helped with the restoration by replicating his straight axle front end, headers, and firewall.  I’ve visited many of the original filming locations with the car.  AND I was able to reunite the car with James Taylor. The car has been preserved for future generations.

If you’ve been dreaming about owning the car, now is your chance.  And no, it is not for sale privately in advance of the auction.  The car has been consigned to the 2015 Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale.  That way everyone has a shot at it and nobody can say “If I’d only known it was for sale, I would’ve bought it”

I guess we’ll all find out what the car is worth come January.

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36 thoughts on “Actual Two Lane Blacktop 1955 Chevy Movie Car To Hit Block At Barrett Jackson Scottsdale 2015

  1. Scott Liggett

    I wonder if I can get my trust fund early. Though, I don’t think the $25 in it will buy the car.

    Actually, I always liked it better in the Bob Falfa form. Something about the glossy black under the vapor street lights at night made it so sinister.

      1. real 55

        Yep,sell your dreams for CASH ,,,its all about the CASH!!!!!!!! Who cares about the car right?? Your dad should be real proud of your statement.Guess this was all a big marketing money making deal after all.

        1. john

          Wow! what’s wrong with “real 55” “and mirror 55″? I’ve known Walt for almost 20 years. He’s a Chevy guy through and through. A real class gentleman. Being a car collector myself,( 69 cobra,69 roadrunner,2009 Shelby GT 500, and 2013 Challenger R/T) the bench racing will always be memorable.A couple of my Chevy pals have called me a MOFO because of my love of Ford and MOPAR cars.I just can’t imagine anyone with a find like this 55 Chevy will put an add in the Washington Post and wait around for someone like these aggravated people to come look at this car and go ” duuh, will you take 20 fer it? duuh” I was there when he unloaded the car.I saw the camera brackets. I got the chance to meet Richard Ruth when he came to Maryland. I can only hope Walt will see the light and buy a FORD! HAH! Spring is around the corner guys.Get your detailing kits out and get ready! See ya!

      2. Mirror 55

        So what is your dad paying Richard Ruth to stand by the car and swear that this is the “REAL TWO LANE BLACKTOP CAR” …a cut of the sale ? Where is the real documentation to this car ?

        1. Penny

          I think it would be great for all of you here who don’t have a clue about this car, or the truly talented, smart, and caring people involved with it, to keep your insulting ignorant comments to yourself.
          I was there when this and the “American Graffiti” car were built! I road in these cars when my Mother drove them to run errands for my Dad. I was there for all the blood, sweat and tears that went into hand building these cars in my Dad’s humble 1000 foot shop! These cars helped pay our rent, and put food on the table for us.
          The “owner”, Walt has been nothing but true to this car, taking on an incredibly difficulty task of finding most of the original parts, and working along with Richard Ruth, MY Dad, to bring it back to life. Walt is a kind, generous, passionate, and very caring man, and he has been instrumental in keeping this Two Lane Blacktop camera car available for many people all over the U.S. to enjoy. He has a new personal passion now, and is very happy with the sale of the car. And, believe it or not, he in his own words to me just minutes after the car sold, oh, and after I got a big hug from him, said ” It was never about the money. I just wanted it to go to someone who would care for it as much as I did”.
          So haters and doubters out there, do us all a favor, and just find something else to complain about somewhere else. No one cares what you think. The people that count know the truth, and that’s all that matters.

          1. real 55

            If you are done with your rant,maybe someone should explain to you how an auction works with all due respect .It goes to the highest bidder,not the best person,best home or nicest guy. No adoption forms or background check,the most money takes it . So drop the “never about the money” crap and “wanted somebody who would care for it” or if they did it would have been private sale. The high bidder and then new owner could have burned it in the parking lot ,smashed it with a hammer ,whatever he wanted and love of the car couldnt stop them then.Think about it regardless of what crap you are being fed ,it was ALL about the money .

          2. pete

            real 55 & Mirror 55 what the F is your problem . go get a life .there a lot of us who followed the two cars , are 3 the 32 also just go away really go

        2. pete

          if U knew the car’s You would know this is the camera been foiling the pair sense 1971 , talked too walt many times & richard a couple believe richard found the car in 2000 , U can go on the web see pictures of the restore . non believer , should just shut up.

          1. real 55

            Pete ,,,,,,READ CAREFULLY , My post explained how auctions work as someone does not obviously know how .They dont get to pick the new owner out of love . Glad you have special mind powers that allow you to know what the past owner was thinking .Defend the car if you feel a need to defend its originality , but if you are going to defend the reasoning of taking a car to whats referred to as a high dollar high profile auction and say its not about the money you are sadly mistaken,just deal with facts instead of childish name calling .

          2. real55

            Btw pete ,,since you have been “foiling” (think you meant following)the car since 1971 and such an expert on its whereabouts the whole time ,why was it just found in 2000 and lost apparently in Canada for 30 years? So you knew its whereabouts the whole time being the expert you make out to be? Just another self appointed expert wanna be that should grow up ,perhaps go back to school and learn to properly write ,,,,expert.

      3. cory reed

        HEy! I dont have cable and couldnt make it to a tv but i REALLY would liek to know how much it sold for- just a big fan. Cory R.

  2. Bob

    I thought the car was converted to the Falfa car for American Graffitti after Two Lane Blacktop was made??? Or was one of the other cars converted? Does the American Graffitti car still live?

    1. Lee

      There were three 55 chevys used for TLB: The stunt car, the “hero” car and the camera car. The “hero” car was painted black and used for American Graffiti. All it had in it was a 427 – no tunnel ram. Not sure what happened to the stunt car.

          1. Penny

            The cars were built in 1970. The Number One car or as it is being called here, the Hero car, did have a 427 crate motor, M-22 Muncie 4-speed, and a 4.88 Olds rear. Dad built the custom headers,and coil over springs, and more.
            The number Two car, or camera car was built with a 454 crate motor, and same M-22 Muncie etc as the first one.
            The number Three car was built with a 454 crate motor, Turbo 400 automatic, Olds rear, all steel body, and 6-point roll cage. It was only used for two quick scenes in Two-Lane Blacktop, but not rolled. It was crashed and rolled at the end of American Graffiti. It was sold sans the drive train and front sheet metal by the studio after filming, stored for a number of years, and eventually crushed.

  3. C1BAD66

    Wouldn’t it be “teats” to see grudge or match races between the TLBT ’55 and Mike Finnegan’s “Blasphemi”?

    Of course, since the TLBT is old -school technology, the new owner could have some Reher-Morrison, Musi, or Sonny’s “pixie dust” sprinkled on it…

    Gee, wouldn’t the 2015 March Meet be the perfect venue?

    If he wanted to, I’d bet Freiberger could make it happen with BangShift’s promotion!

    75Duster, there’s a chance of losing sight of the car forever, I guess.

    Bruce Larson, Tommy Ivo, or even Forrest Lucas would be my choice for the new owner with Troy Coughlin as the driver.

    Happy holidays, all!

  4. ColoradoKid

    …. and once again we’re confronted by yet another circular logic provenance … In other words

    ” It is .. Because I say it is … and I say It Is in order to sell it for a ridiculous price … Therefore .. It Is .. Because I say It Is ”

    Which is to say …. Where’s the authenticated and verified …. goram P-R-O-O-F !

    You’d think after all the Auction House crap/debacles of late folks would finally wise up to the level of bs and lies out there when it comes to the auctioning of Celebrity Vehicles

    The key words being … Think … and wisdom . Wisdom thinking and discernment having gone the way of the DoDo of late … 😉

    1. Nytro

      Bitter much?
      Your entire bitchy comment is irrelevant, and that’s because the whereabouts of this car have been pretty well known for years, and you conveniently ignored the fact that the guy who built the thing in the first place even verified this car as the original from the movie.
      The car’s lineage is genuine and has been well tracked and publicized among car guys since shortly after it was used in American Graffiti.

      Now take a breath and like you said yourself, think.

    1. Lee

      My money is on the 55 Chevy. Full Bore Tunnel Ram 454 with 4.88 rear and a whole lot of fiberglass parts. The car probably weighs less than 3300 pounds.

      Even with the Keith Black Race Hemi Big Willie ran in his Daytona, that car probably weighs very close to 4000 pounds

  5. 3nine6

    Santa, all I want for Christmas is 1 huge Power Ball jackpot and a plane ticket to Scottsdale. Provenance or not, I would buy the TLBT ’55 AND the Big Willie Daytona. Did anyone else out there send $1.50 to American Racing Wheels back in the day for the black and white Big Willie poster? Had that sucker on my bedroom wall as a kid.

    p.s. – ColoradoKid is an annoying, snobby butthead. I didn’t say a-hole because it is, after all Christmas….

  6. jerry z

    The car is a piece of history, I give props for the owner to sell it at B-J next month. I hope he gets over a million for the car.

    1. CARL

      Noticed on the owners site ,Richard Ruth will be with the car starting on Tuesday ,but the auctions not till Saturday , 5 days standing with the car. The only person that has “documented” it seems to have quite an interest in the sale.

        1. JP

          With no paperwork from Universal Studios , no California paperwork from DMV connecting the VIN of the car to the past owner from studio leaves kinda of a grey area , therefore no solid documentation. Things that also could play a role would be the fact that so much of the car has been hacked off or altered over the years. None of the front frame or suspension is the original pieces from the movie , neither is the fibreglass front end , motor or transmission, interior….on and on ! These are the facts , will be interesting to see how all this plays a role .

          1. pete

            thin explain why this car has the camera mounts still on the car 2 sets 1 running left to right 1 under the bell housing & two front to back on the rear frame rails just look at the picture of the camera car above . be care full what u don’t know

  7. Marty stromberger

    I was there at Barrett Jackson most of the week and out of the thousands of people that attended, i was probably the only retard to take 50 photos of every square inch of that car including detailed pics of the undercarriage. I can assure you its the real camera car. There is so much stuff left over welded to the chassis for the platform rigging you couldn’t possibly fake it. Most people know about the 2 pieces of square tubing visible under the back bumper for the rigging BUT there are two more in the middle of the frame horizontally that have been cut off flush with the frame rail. Richard Ruth’s fabrication has a very unique signature including how he cut and rolled the wheel lips. He has saved every template he ever made and it all matches up. Plus it was documented as they dug into it and found the screw holes in the dash for the tach and the firewall had the correct holes for the bolted on L shaped plate that held the dummy 4 barrel carb up in the scoop. Watch the film again. Its a fake carb sitting at the wrong angle. The car is the real deal.

    1. Mickey

      Just like experts had predicted and were correct , without solid paperwork documentation and just personal testimony left , still just a self documented car.
      No doubt the reason it only hit 145 grand .

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