Aeromotive Introduces New Variable-Speed Controlled Pumps and Controller

Aeromotive Introduces New Variable-Speed Controlled Pumps and Controller

Just when you thought it was safe to go outside, Aeromotive is innovating again! This time they have introduced new variable speed controlled pumps and a controller for converting other brushless pumps without this capability for owners who want it.

Why does one want it? With a variable speed controller, the pump is only working as hard as it needs to in the situation that it is in. Street cruising, even with the large 5.0GPM pump can be challenging if the pump is trying to move all of that volume all of the time. By controlling the volume Aeromotive is managing any potential issues with fuel temperature as well as lowering wear and tear on the pump itself.

This is a cool product and another innovation from our pals at Aeromotive!

Here’s the full story from Aeromotive!

LENEXA, KANSAS – Speed is great, but speed with control is even better. Introducing Aeromotive’s new Variable-Speed Controllers for its complete line of Brushless Fuel Pumps.

Aeromotive has pioneered speed controlled fuel pumps in the past with its brush-style pumps, enhancing the ability to take high flow pumps and put them on the street. The new Variable-Speed Controlled pumps do the same for brushless applications by reducing fuel flow during low-demand situations.

Reducing fuel flow from the tank to the engine and back helps combat overheating of the fuel, while limiting the noise bigger pumps produce. The lower fuel flow will also extend the already long life of Aeromotive’s brushless pumps.

“These new controllers make our bigger pumps— the Brushless A10000, Eliminator, and even our 3.5 and 5 gpm pump—much more street-capable,” said Jeff Stacy, Vice President of Aeromotive. “They reduce fuel flow during low demand and really minimize the introduction of heat, improving on an already successful product.”

The Variable-Speed Controllers include a 0-5V analog input that allows for infinite speed control in the set voltage range. They will be included on new brushless pumps and sold as a replacement part for anyone with an existing Aeromotive brushless product with a simple three-wire hookup.

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