The Amazing 421 Powered 1955 Pontiac Barn Find Owned and Built By Vic Hubbard Is For Sale

The Amazing 421 Powered 1955 Pontiac Barn Find Owned and Built By Vic Hubbard Is For Sale

While this car may have the appearance of just another ratty looking mid-1950s Pontiac, it is anything but that. If you read Hot Rod Magazine you know about this car already because it was featured on the cover of a Barn Find issue and for good reason. This car is stunning and amazing in a series of ways that will leave you as mystified as the rest of us as to how it could have been left forgotten and rotting in the back of a shop. It is not every day we get to show you a 421 powered 1955 Pontiac barn find.

The car is powered by a Hilborn injected Pontiac Super Duty 421 engine. The motor itself is an insanely valuable and rare piece to Pontiac fans and then it just gets better than there. The Hilborn unit has been fixed up and certified as original by the company. The transmission is a four speed manual, and there are other gems of hot rodding past on this car as well. From the hand made Tri-Y style headers to the suspension system that has been beefed up with extra leaves in the rear and tweaked up front as well. This car was built and meant to kick ass in the early 1960s likely as a big time sleeper because the Pontiacs of the 1950s were about as exciting as clam chowder.

Vic Hubbard was a pioneering hot rodder and someone who was successful in the business of both building cars and running a speed shop business. This particular car, as bad ass as you’d have thought it would be for the time never really did anything prominent in terms of race wins or records set so it just kind of got lost to history before it was discovered, sold, and brought back into running condition by the current seller.

eBay Link: 421 Powered 1955 Pontiac Barn Find

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12 thoughts on “The Amazing 421 Powered 1955 Pontiac Barn Find Owned and Built By Vic Hubbard Is For Sale

  1. Steve R

    I worked at Vic Hubbard\’s for several years and asked a family member about this car. They never owned the car, nor worked on it or any other car. The company sold parts, nothing more. The \”history\” is either wishful thinking or fabricated to drive resale. The price of the car should be based on its condition and the parts, nothing more.

    1. ratpatrol66

      There is a thread on the PY/Ames Pontiac forums but I don’t think your well liked in those parts. The block is IDed there.

    2. ratpatrol66

      There is a thread on PY/Ames Pontiac forums and the block has been IDed. You wouldn’t know that cause your not really all that welcome there? The hilborn unit was sold to Vic Hubbard, doesn’t mean the car was his. Also a thread on the HAMB.

  2. Gump

    On my own recognizance I did some research. VH Speed and Marine was founded by Jerry Light. Vic Hubbard was his father-in-law who owned an auto repair shop and does not appear to be part of the VH racing ventures. Essentially the car is a big damn hoax with someone trying to unload (possibly unwittingly) a clapped out Pontiac for a chunk of money while claiming its a part of rodding history. I assume that Hilborn setup was purchased for resale by the VH speed shop for resale.

  3. Capt Obvious

    Did some of you read the ebay post? He doesnt say flat out it WAS Vic’s, he also says painted lettering and plaques ADDED. He was truthful while adding some allure to it. Whomever bought it should have known what they were getting.

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