Lavon Miller Claims Second Ultimate Call Out Challenge – Champion For Two Years Running

Lavon Miller Claims Second Ultimate Call Out Challenge – Champion For Two Years Running

For the second straight year, Firepunk Diesel and Lavon Miller have claimed the championship at the Ultimate Call Out Challenge. This is a diesel event that is basically unlimited in the scope and craziness of modifications allowed. Miller has been a dominant force in the diesel performance world, winning two Diesel Power Magazine Challenge events and now two of the UCC competitions. His famed “Enforcer” truck is one of, if not the most serious diesel performance pickup truck ever built it has has been designed for competitions like this one.

To give you an idea of how insane this competition is and how dedicated Lavon is to winning it, he came with two completely different engine combos and swapped what amounted to the complete drivetrain on Saturday night before the dyno and pulling competition on Sunday. We’re talking a motor, axles, etc. His truck is a low 8-second runner at the drag strip and finished second in both the sled pull and the dyno portion of the contest.

This is amazingly hardcore and amazingly awesome that he was able to not only win once but twice in a row. Hot Shot’s secret is one of his proud sponsors and they congratulate him below.

Hot Shot’s Secret Congratulates Lavon Miller as 2x Ultimate Callout Challenge Champion!

MT Gilead, OH – April 26, 2017 – As a silver sponsor of the Ultimate Callout Challenge and exhibitor at this weekend’s annual Diesel Performance Industry Expo held simultaneously, Hot Shot’s Secret was able to be on hand as Lavon Miller of Firepunk Diesel made history to clinch the championship title for the 2nd year in a row!

His stats included 1st overall drags at 8.50 Seconds, 2nd best Dyno overall at 2211-HP/3309- TQ, and 2nd best pull overall at 360.88-feet Pull. Knowing the engine he had built in order to win in the drag competition was not set up for the dyno competition the next day, he and his team commandeered engine shop locally to tear down the truck, and install the 2nd engine they built for extreme dyno performance, working all night to do it.

According to the Ultimate Callout Challenge official Facebook page, Lavon earned 837 points in the drag event, 786.308 points in the dyno competition, and 296.09 points in the pull, netting a total of 2386.578 points. DNR Customs with Derek Rose behind the wheel took second place with 2337.118 points. The So Cal Diesel truck driven by Wade Minter placed third with a total of 2249.627 points.

“We at Hot Shot’s Secret wish to extend a heartfelt congratulations to Lavon Miller and the rest of the Firepunk Diesel team for this outstanding championship, and are thankful to have had the opportunity to spend time with him at Firepunk Diesel while he tested our FR3 Friction Reducer. We look forward to supporting and working with Lavon Miller and his team as they continue to test the limits of diesel engines in the future” stated CEO Chris Gabrelcik.  Lavon was quoted to say, “A dyno proven 5% increase of horsepower was gained using Hot Shot’s Secret FR3 Friction Reducer.” For FR3 Friction Reducer dyno results click here.


About Hot Shot’s Secret

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  1. Cpr

    Actually 6th in the pull.

    Really would have loved to see his dyno engine on the pulling track backed by a proper clutch and no transmission as it was a full “super stock tractor” style build. Would have destroyed the pull.

    Maybe next year.

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