One For The Big Boys: American Powertrain Introduces XL Wide Universal Crossmember

One For The Big Boys: American Powertrain Introduces XL Wide Universal Crossmember

If there is one thing that American Powertrain is known for outside of their ProFit transmissions systems, Hydramax clutch systems, and Science Friction clutches it is their X-Factor line of crossmembers. These are ingeniously designed, amazingly strong pieces that exists to sold the problems of people performing swaps in vehicles that need a crossmember which can be adapted to the application. With the addition of the XL Wide Universal X-Factor crossmember, those of you working on larger cars can now utilize this awesome option.

The best part of this news is the 6″ of adjustability you get in the piece. This XL wide crossmember is designed to be used on chassis that have a width of 40-46″. As the piece holts together this is not about cutting and welding, it is about using the unique sliding action that allows the crossmember to bridge the gap in your wide framed classic car, truck, or custom hot rod. Pretty awesome, right?

Learn more about the piece below. Oh, and as far as strength? These babies have been subjected to twisting and pulling forces far beyond what even the hardest core user will subject them two. Strong, innovative, and easy to use. THAT’s a trifecta!

Here’s the story from American Powertrain on the XL Wide Universal Crossmember

Cookeville, TN, May 13, 2019 – American Powertrain has now added XL Wide Universal Crossmembers to their X-Factor product offerings. This new X-Factor crossmember, available in silver or black, adjusts from 40″-46″ wide for wider full frame cars and trucks. The crossmember fits Tremec 5-speeds T-5, TKO and all Tremec 6-speeds using a GM mount.

Made in the USA using modular construction, this X-Factor crossmember is constructed from steel and aluminum making them incredibly light, exceedingly strong, and perfect for street or track applications. Each model is adjustable to fit a wide range of transmissions and vehicles. All X-Factor crossmembers come with a lifetime warranty against breakage.

American Powertrain, a TREMEC Elite Distributor located in Cookeville, TN, manufacturers and sells ProFit modern overdrive transmission systems, Science Friction clutches and flywheels, Hydramax hydraulic clutch systems, X-Factor crossmembers and thousands of powertrain accessories for muscle, sports, street rod and race cars.   For more information, visit American Powertrain at, watch this video, or call 931.646.4836.

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