America’s Most Insane Sleeper Is On The Market For $45,000 – Duttweiler Power, Nutso!

America’s Most Insane Sleeper Is On The Market For $45,000 – Duttweiler Power, Nutso!

Well we’re not really sure what to say about this thing because all the words we want to use are so profane and blue that we’d likely be thrown off the internet for an expletive laden outburst. Looking at this car we cannot help ourselves but to be completely blown away by the sheer insanity of the thing. The fact that the builder took such great pains to keep the outward appearance of the machine so perfectly boring blows us away. You actually have to take a second and look at it to even notice that there’s a fat tire on the back. Sure, when it is running the 402ci, twin turbocharged small block won’t exactly sound like the tiny three or four cylinder engine this car would have had, but damn this car is fantastic.

Inside there are a pair of stock seats, a stock shifter, a stock dash, and lots of Dynamat. That’s kind of the extent of the interior and we’re OK with it. Note the engine setback and how the firewall has been altered to get the small block and all of the plumbing under the hood. Since there was literally no way to get the turbos under there as well, they are mounted int eh rear of the car and the plumbing for them runs under the floor. Because the car is so short, we’re thinking that lag isn’t a big issue. This car had a factory curb weight of 1,688lbs. Seriously, less tan 1,700lbs. It likely weighs more than that now, but this engine has to be making far north of 1,000hp so that’s pretty much not even relevant to the conversation.

The one thing that has to really set this car apart is the 88-inch wheelbase. We don’t care who you are, that’s short as hell and with this much power, you better be paying attention to what you are doing because this car could start spinning like a dreidel if you get a little too happy on the gas and a little too cavalier with the steering wheel.

Dangerous, different, blindingly fast, powered by an engine built by a legend, this is America’s most insane sleeper and you can buy it!

Check out the images below and then hit the link to see the sales ad – Insane sleeper

sprint1 sprint2 sprint3 sprint4 sprint5 sprint6 sprint7


Click here to see this bonkers Chevrolet Sprint with a twin turbo small block

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9 thoughts on “America’s Most Insane Sleeper Is On The Market For $45,000 – Duttweiler Power, Nutso!

  1. jerry z

    How the hell you drive that thing! I may get one foot in there never mind two. Sorry but that is just lawn ornament in my book. I’d take out the engine setup and put on something usefull like my Caprice! Yea baby!

  2. Danny

    All but stock chassis? What fool put s1000+ hp into a tinker toy without some kind of chassis to keep the car from turning into a pretzel the first time the tires hook up? Just another poser.


      Read the link before you comment next time…it’s built on a custom chassis. Nothing stock whatsoever under the shell.

    2. Dabidoh Sambone

      If you can’t spell “poseur” and also can’t be bothered to read about the thing you’re posting on, you’re not qualified to make a comment. Anywhere.
      That said, this would benefit from at least a vestigial roll cage. Other than that caveat it’s damned awesome.

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