4,000 Horsepower On The Hub Dyno?! Hell Yes, It’s The Woodymart ZR1 Corvette On Kill!

4,000 Horsepower On The Hub Dyno?! Hell Yes, It’s The Woodymart ZR1 Corvette On Kill!

I remember when a radial car with 1,500 horsepower could win Radial vs The World at most any event, but those days are long gone. Now if you don’t have 3,000 -5,000 horsepower you are probably not going to be one of the stars of the show. RVW has come a long way and whether you agree with some of the evolution that the class is going through or not, there are big power combos under the hood of all kinds of killer rides at every Radial event. Right now the biggest controversy in RVW is Pro Mod style cars coming out with a pair of drag radials on them, and with good reason there are many folks that are against this. Meanwhile, cars like Mark Woodruff’s Corvette are legit cars that really embody everything that RVW is all about. And did we mention the thing makes absolutely stupid power?

Yeah, this sucker has a big Sonny’s Hemi under the hood, fed by two big Precision Turbos, and it makes 4,000 horsepower! Well more than that at the crankshaft, but 4,000 on the FuelTech Hub Dyno. This is fun to watch, so check out the video below and let us know what you think. I think it’s bad ass!

Here’s the info from FuelTech

Pump the volume up and press play to enjoy some dyno runs of the amazing Mark Woodruff’s Corvette at the FuelTech USA hub dyno!!! 4,000+HORSEPOWER 💪 Driver: Mark Woodruff Team: Woodymart Car: Corvette Z06 Motor: Sonny Hemi Built by: Nelson Competitions FuelTech Products on Car: FT600, FTSPARK-8, Alcohol O2, Peak’n’Hold 8A/2A

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3 thoughts on “4,000 Horsepower On The Hub Dyno?! Hell Yes, It’s The Woodymart ZR1 Corvette On Kill!

    1. familyguy81

      No, not really. Sonny’s engines are based off of BBC architecture with his “hemi” style heads. Not a mopar at all.

      1. ratty

        exactly… and KCR… Mopar did not invent hemi heads, they trademarked the name ‘Hemi’ with a capital H, they’re just one of dozens (underestimation) of different manufacturers that have manufactured, sold, and raced using their own hemi chambered heads since the beginning of the 20th century (and possibly before). Hemi heads have been around since 1903 when Premier came out with their hemi heads for their race car, though some say it was first run on a race boat in Lake Michigan a few years before. Then companies like Daimler, Porsche, Tatra to name a few, built their own variations of hemi engines in the early 1900’s. As the decades went by, dozens of other companies offered their own cars with hemi engines (mostly European brands), as well as an untold amount of motorcycle manufacturers (including HD of course). And as big as Sonny engines are, they aren’t the first big motors… the first hemi (car) engine, the 1903 Premier Special race car, was a 923ci monster, but only out of 4 cylinders! Of course, I think a Sonny’s hemi has a big hp advantage, the Premier only put out around 100hp, but I bet it was an absurd amount of torque. Sorry, always drives me nuts when someone see a hemi head and immediately thinks it’s a Mopar invention. Nope, not even close.

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