Kamikaze’s Crash: How To Kill An El Camino In 3…2…1

Kamikaze’s Crash: How To Kill An El Camino In 3…2…1

Wanna know what happened? Wanna know how this thing came to be a pile of bent up stuff? Watch the video to hear it from Kamikaze himself. There are always different sides to every story, but this is straight from Chris himself and where better to hear it than straight from the horses mouth. He talks about the El Camino, what it means to him and everyone else, what changes have been made to it over the years, and the details on the crash and the damage. This thing will never ride again if you ask me, but I’m sure he can build another one. At least they aren’t rare and hard to find, but man what a pain it is to have to rebuild a car from scratch when you’ve had it come so far.

Of course the flip side of that is the fact that you get to make it clean and nice and new and what you want, instead of being something you’ve added to over time and had to fix and patch together like most race cars we know. So watch, learn, and see just what this ride and crash was all about. Man this thing is tore up.

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2 thoughts on “Kamikaze’s Crash: How To Kill An El Camino In 3…2…1

  1. Dennis Scharp

    I wish someone with half a brain would realize how stupid and dangerous this whole Outlaw street racing is and put an end to it. Drag racing needs to be done at the strip not the street. It is absolutely insane to allow cars with 4000 hp (which I dont believe) to even drive on a street let alone race at high speeds. They are not going to be happy until a few guys get killed.

    And before you say or think that I dont know what I am talking about…you are wrong. I have raced both on the street and the strip. Once my car got to about 500 hp, I realized the need for the added security and safety of the street. Now….there is one exception to what I just said. Understanding all the fake crap that has happened in other reality shows, I think all the racing is staged and not real…the cars dont make 4000 hp or if they do, the drivers dont give full throttle response. I have seen 4000 hp cars…the el camino is no where near that.. maybe 850-1000 which is still too much for the street. No prep races on a strip are almost as stupid.

    Worst thing about all this is the kids are trying to replicate this insanity. This show needs to be removed from tv…immediately

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