Hemi Pistons Baby! MAHLE Motorsport Introduces Top Alcohol Hemi PowerPak Piston Kit

Hemi Pistons Baby! MAHLE Motorsport Introduces Top Alcohol Hemi PowerPak Piston Kit

Top Fuel and Top Alcohol engines are some of the most bad ass pieces around and they inspire awe among anyone who gets to lay eyes on one. They are incredibly similar in many ways, but just different enough to mean that not all the parts are the same. This mostly revolves around the difference in cylinder heads and the fuel being burned which means that compression ratios can be significantly different between the two. While a Top Fuel engine might have a compression ratio somewhere around 6.5 or 7:1, a typical Top Alcohol engine will run 11 or 12:1. That means the piston’s compression height and design will be different. If you want more information, and to buy a set for your combo, see all the info and links from MAHLE Motorsport below.

Fletcher, NC, (May 20, 2021) – MAHLE Motorsport, a leading supplier of forged aluminum pistons and high performance rings for U.S. motorsports, now offers a new shelf-stock Top Alcohol Hemi application to its growing PowerPak line. The kit features pistons manufactured with 2618 alloy for high stress, high load; making this kit ideal for either Top Alcohol Dragster or Funny Car application.

The pistons are coated in MAHLE’s proprietary phosphate dry lubricant that gives MAHLE Motorsport pistons their characteristic gray appearance on the piston skirt. This kit features a 4.468 bore size, a 0.290″ dome height, and 0.330″ intake depth and 0.315″ exhaust pocket depths. The all-inclusive kit includes high performance  1/16”, 1/16”, 3/16” rings, and 1.094” x 0.200” x 2.850” H13 pin and retaining buttons.

For more information about MAHLE Motorsport’s Top Alcohol Hemi PowerPak Piston Kit (part#197884168), visit www.mahlemotorsports.com, or call MAHLE Motorsport toll free at 888-255-1942. To keep up with the latest on MAHLE Motorsports in social media, visit Facebook or Instagram or follow #mahlemotorsports.

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