Here’s Everything You Need To Swap A Gen III Hemi Into An E-Body Mopar: Cuda And Challenger Owners Are All Set.

Here’s Everything You Need To Swap A Gen III Hemi Into An E-Body Mopar: Cuda And Challenger Owners Are All Set.
Holley is pleased to announce the release of awesome new products this week. Hooker Blackheart’s big news involves the release of a wide swath of Gen III Hemi swap parts for the 1970-1974 Chrysler E-Body (Dodge Challenger and Plymouth Barracuda), including engine mounts, transmission mounting options, and swap headers that can also be used on 1966-72 Mopar B-bodies. Hooker BlackHeart has also released two new exhaust kits, one for 2017-2021 Dodge Challenger R/T and T/A cars with the 5.7L Hemi, the other for 2014-2018 GM 1500 trucks with the 6.2L V8. And Diablosport now covers 2020-2021 Dodge Challenger and Charger Hellcats and Jeep Trackhawks, just in case you didn’t have enough wild Mopar power on hand. Read on to learn more about these fantastic new products!

Hooker BlackHeart 1970-74 Dodge Challenger/Plymouth Barracuda (Mopar E-Body) Gen III Hemi Engine Swap Mounts, Transmission Crossmember, And Transmission Adapters

Hooker Blackheart engine swap mounts allow easy installation of the Gen III Hemi engine in your 1970-1974 Dodge Challenger & Plymouth Barracuda (Mopar E-Body). These engine-mounting brackets are part of an engineered solution that works together with the transmission crossmember and headers to optimize the engine placement & component clearances along with ideal drivetrain / U-joint operation angles. The engine placement eliminates modifications to the firewall and the engine mount brackets fit the K-member on cars that originally came from the factory with a V8 engine. Clearance was provided for the Short Runner Valve (SRV) intake solenoid, low mount alternator, and low mount A/C Compressors when used with a VVT (Variable Valve Timing) accessory drive.
Hooker BlackHeart transmission crossmembers are a part of the most comprehensive line of Gen III Hemi swap components available for the Mopar E-Body. This crossmember allows the installation of the popular A727 3-speed automatic, NAG1 5-speed automatic, and 8HP70/8HP90 8-speed automatic transmissions, or the Tremec TKX (GM style) six-speed manual transmission when used with the corresponding adapter plate (sold separately). No cutting or drilling is necessary; just bolt it in the OEM location using the supplied hardware. The modular design allows the use of several different transmission options without the need to buy or fabricate a different crossmember – simply change to a different adapter plate and the driveline and u-joint alignment have been preset to the corresponding transmission. The BHS567 crossmember is designed to use a popular and inexpensive GM style transmission mount for its compact design that allows for better ground clearance than the OEM crossmember (Hooker part number 71223029HKR or 71223030HKR – sold separately). Solid 3/16″ Steel construction and a black coated finish provides long lasting performance and good looks.

Hooker BlackHeart 1970-74 Dodge Challenger/Plymouth Barracuda (Mopar E-Body) and 1966-1972 Mopar B-Body Gen III Hemi Engine Swap Headers

Hooker BlackHeart headers are part of a comprehensive Gen III Hemi swap system that work in combination with engine mounts, transmission crossmembers, and exhaust systems. BH2358 headers are packed with value added features that will make your 1966 -1972 Mopar B-Body & 1970-1974 E-Body Gen III Hemi swap easier than ever. With BH2358 headers you can use popular transmissions with either driver or passenger side starters (on the B-Body only), the starter can be installed without removing the headers, and they clear the bulky factory power steering box with no modifications. Installing a low mount A/C compressor will require the use of a VVT (variable valve timing) front drive system (2009 & Up VVT accessory drive front cover). BHS2358 headers are designed for a simple installation that provides the most ground clearance possible, and clears the popular torsion bar front suspension. The 304 stainless steel hand welded construction looks great and will last a lifetime.

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2 thoughts on “Here’s Everything You Need To Swap A Gen III Hemi Into An E-Body Mopar: Cuda And Challenger Owners Are All Set.

  1. OKSNAKE08

    Oh for gods sake why??? Unless you own a slant 6 or maybe 318 car ( and if it’s a 318 just build a better small block) I get the newer performance but , stick with me here, if you want a new “hemi” ( because, we’ll it isn’t a hemi) then you can sell your classic e body and get one. Otherwise why take the few remaining restored or not rusted out messes and do this swap? I’m a gear head and I get I want it faster and I’m not a mopar guy but damn can’t these cars just be built with classic parts ? I guess thank you to Holley for offering options for Darts and Dusters and anything else in that era but Cudas and Challengers ? What is sacred ? I’m a Ford guy and I’m already buying up spares for my 08 GT 500. Swap whatever you want into an S197 Mustang (we’ll, as long as it’s a Ford) but does every older model need this? OK rant done please feel free to troll me in 3,2,1…

  2. Gary

    Not going to troll you, but what’s the harm? The way Holley is doing it, it’s all bolt in, so if you’ve already basically reskinned a rusted out hulk that only has 20% of it’s original sheet metal anyway, what the heck; go for where the new performance potential is. There isn’t a traditional Mopar engine you could build that would match the performance potential of a Hellcrate. I love the old big block Mopars, don’t get me wrong. (Never cared for the E body cars, though, they look too much like Camaros to me, and it is my least favorite Mopar). Personally, I’m going to use Holley swap kit in my 86 Dodge truck, but of course that isn’t the same as putting one in one of the over-valued E bodies.

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