Ridetech Unveils New Strong Arms For Factory Coils: No Need To Run Coil Overs To Get The Best Geometry And Strength

Ridetech Unveils New Strong Arms For Factory Coils: No Need To Run Coil Overs To Get The Best Geometry And Strength

Not everyone wants to run a coil-over shock setup on their muscle car, even if they want great handling. And what about folks who make subtle upgrades like the Ridetech Street Grip system, but who want something more than their stock front control arms? Well, these new front Strong Arms from Ridetech are exactly what you want then. These arms feature all the geometry improvements found in all of Ridetech’s Strong Arms, but with a spring perch designed to hold factory sized coil springs and shocks. But there is a twist! These feature a lower spring perch design that will allow ride height adjustments so you can fine tune your ride height to be just where you want it! These are super trick, and a part that customers have been asking for, which is proof that Ridetech listens to what you want.

Here is all the info!


• Compatible with stock style coil springs and shocks or Ridetech StreetGrip springs & shocks

• Tubular control arms add strength, style and improved performance

• Self-lubricating Delrin bushings reduce deflection and suspension bind

• Increased caster dramatically improves handling and control

• Adjustable ride height to fine tune the stance


Ridetech’s performance tubular control arms outperform stamped OEM stock control arms through precision engineering, significant geometry updates and use of stronger / high tech materials.

Using precision CNC bent tubing for superior accuracy and fixture welded to exacting tolerances, the Ridetech StrongArms bolt directly in the factory location with included new hardware for a quick and easy install.

Revisions to geometry offer significant improvement in dynamic caster and camber curves to provide dramatic improvements in handling and control by making best use of modern performance tires.

Our new stock coil spring StrongArms provide an adjustable ride height to fine tune the stance by adding or removing the included spacers beneath the coil-spring. This typically allows fine tuning of the ride height by just over an inch to account for weight variances, as well as a wide range of tire and wheel combinations.


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