This 1972 Charger Is Powered By A Caterpillar Gas Turbine And It Is For Sale…In Sweden

This 1972 Charger Is Powered By A Caterpillar Gas Turbine And It Is For Sale…In Sweden

Of all the engine swaps and stories about guys putting LS engines in everything that you’ll read over the remainder of your life, we’re pretty sure that this is the only freaking story you will ever see centered around a 1972 Charger which is powered by a Caterpillar gas turbine that was scavenged from an old Swedish battle tank. Apparently this car has been in some form of assembly for more than half a decade as we have found evidence of it being in about its current state since 2007. It doesn’t mean we don’t want it but it does mean that the swap is surely a tough deal to get completed.

As we said, the engine was sourced from what is known as a Swedish S-tank for short. This was a battle tank that was produced in relatively small volume (only 290 were constructed) and it was the first big tank to use a gas turbine for motivation. The engine (like all turbines) is light and it actually makes some pretty good power with 450 peak and about 350-400 in “normal” usage and not pinned wide open. The engine kind of reminds us of what the gas turbines Chrysler was using in their famed 1960s turbine cars in looks. It appears that the automatic transmission that was used on the tank is also used in this application so we’re guessing that would be tough enough to handle the flyweight (in comparison to a tank) Charger around.

Through the magic of Google Translator we have the full text of the ad right here.

Here’s the text of the ad and below are more photos of the car :

The car is ” newly painted ” yellow screens , hood , grill etc are available .
There is no rust and rust is not cooked in many places either.

Most moldings , new box , nice rear seat , lights , bumpers , ceilings , etc. are available.

Almost entirely complete .
( missing carpet , chairs and little else )

Build clear or tear out of the ” jet engine” and put in a v8 again .
Reggad with ” replacement engine” in the papers so you can basically put in what machine you want.

BMW alloy front suspension inc brakes and steering with real strut .

New shocks , ” Hi jackers ” rear mm

Turbine wheels.

Currently sits a gas turbine / jet engine from the S -tank in the car, assembled with automatic transmission .
It is a Caterpillar 553, then the newer , better and stronger alternative in tank S (Boeing was the older and poorer version ) .

“Avgassytemet” is complete , and the engine is in place but electricity and fuel is not clear.

Original , Caterpillar engine 500 600hk and hoards turn .

41000rpm .

Very low weight of the engine.

chargerturbine1 chargerturbine2 chargerturbine3

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5 thoughts on “This 1972 Charger Is Powered By A Caterpillar Gas Turbine And It Is For Sale…In Sweden

  1. Matt Cramer

    Very cool build. If the Chrysler turbine car project had been more successful, is that what the muscle car era might have looked like?

  2. mooseface

    I like how they’ve matched the turbine engine to the old-school turbine-style rims. Fitting.

    I believe, this is the latter-generation S-Tank engine. These tanks were twin-engine, the gas turbine was the one that gave the vehicle its famed get-up-and-go, while a Volvo diesel motor provided the quieter daily-driver and offroad use power. Cool bit of history sitting in that Charger! I hope someone finishes it someday!

  3. Archie

    I know this site gives quality depending content and additional
    information, is there any other website which gives such data in quality?

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