This 1955 Chevy Gasser Speaks To Us And We’re Pretty Sure It Speaks To Anyone With Earshot As Well

This 1955 Chevy Gasser Speaks To Us And We’re Pretty Sure It Speaks To Anyone With Earshot As Well

Just look at this thing. It screams just sitting still. We can only imagine what kind of wonderful noises it makes when it is running. And I would love to break some laws by doing a giant burnout down the nearest city street in it. This list of parts and components that the seller is talking about in the ad seems to say that this one was built right and the fact that it “hooks hard and goes straight” should mean we are well within our rights to try that out at will. Don’t you think? I’ve only driven a few solid axle gasser style vehicles, and they are always a riot. Even the best handling ones have a totally different feel than a normal independent front end car and they just pull you into the who experience. Someday I’ll have one in the Reynolds stable, but for now this one is ready for someone out there in BANGshift land.

Check it out and tell us what you think.

Here is the info from the seller, including contact information.

55 chevy 210 gasser. Car built by Woodard Hot Rods in Oklahoma. straight axle front end, All steel except hood and rear bumper, freshly rebuilt 496 roller motor, Forged pistons & rods, Edelbrock street tunnel ram, dual Edelbrock 1406 carbs, Comp Cams hydraulic roller cam, MSD ignition, Fenderwell headers, th400 manual valve body, 3500 stall nitrous converter, ford 9″ rear end, posi, 4:11 gears, moser axles, long 1/2 inch studs, 4 wheel disc brakes. Pie crust D.O.T drag radials, too much to list. This car is a total old school baddass. Hooks hard & goes straight. $42,000 323-683-2277

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9 thoughts on “This 1955 Chevy Gasser Speaks To Us And We’re Pretty Sure It Speaks To Anyone With Earshot As Well

  1. MGBChuck

    looks like late 60s-early 70s to me, nice but the edelbrock carbs blow the illusion, easily fixed (set of Crower injectors maybe?)- a man pedal would work too.

  2. Rocco B.

    Would love to do a smokey burnout in this car. You rarely see them done in Ontario anymore as they are classified as stunt driving. Seven day license suspension on the spot. $180.00 to get it back. Car is impounded for seven days. If convicted fines range from $2,000.00 to $10,000.00. To top things off, your insurer will be increasing your insurance rates for two years. Take it to the strip and have some real fun.

  3. thefatguy

    “Any car with less than three pedals is a commuter car, sorry.”

    i bet that thing will outrun whatever it is that you got in your garage…
    nobody likes a pompus @ss.

  4. MGBChuck

    I happen to agree with Drew, I am sure my SBC MGB (350ci, 500hp, 4-speed, custom frame and suspension) would suck the headlites out of that retro ’55. I know my car would probably be quicker with an automatic (have a transbrake, 5500 stalled, PG) but as a street car the 4-speed in insanely fun!!

  5. jerry z

    Never was a fan of the nose high stance of straight axle cars. If it was level then it would be perfect.

  6. Samm Woodard

    I built that car drove and raced it in 05\’ 06. Went to new york. It is a 10 to 1 solid roller. 4.30 gear with spool drives great run 11.80 as . Is. Good to see it here.
    Sam. Woodard racing & hot rods. Mustang ok..

  7. Steve Rowloff

    I raced a few cars that had everything money could buy on them and looked scary as heck. I was just 21 then in a 55 210 two door sedan that had a 283 with power pack heads that a master race car mechanic had gone through. It had one stock carb and dual exhaust with burned out mufflers. Stock wheels with old tires and a stock three speed stick with a floor shifter…no front bumper or grille.The mechanic wouldn\’t tell me what was done to the engine…just to use Havoline oil and to never back away from a drag race. It did have a GREAT sound like a a rough idle. I never lost a drag race…even against those 50,000 dollar beauties. OH…I\’m 71 now. Love to have another 55 Chevy.

    1. Henry

      Cool there Steve . it\’s good to have a car like that. But as we all do we sell it and always want to get another one. Mine was a 57 Ford two door it was my first car sold it and always wanted it back. I\’ve had a lot of cars but that one was the only one I ever wanted back. Well keep on rodding Steve see ya. Henry.

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