Blueprint Engines Drops The Price On Their 530 Horsepower LS3 Crate Engine By $1300!

Blueprint Engines Drops The Price On Their 530 Horsepower LS3 Crate Engine By $1300!

We’ve been through the Blueprint Engines factory in Kearney Nebraska, have been running one of their 400 cubic inch Power Adder small block Chevrolets in pretty extreme conditions for the past few years, and have tested several others on the dyno. They know what they are doing and they know how to make real power. And did we mention that every engine from them comes with a 3 year, 50,000 mile warranty? Yeah, these guys stand behind their stuff every single time. Oh, and unlike other crate engine options, every single Blueprint Engine gets strapped to the dyno and tested to insure that it makes the power they claim or more. Every…single…engine. We’ve seen it, and it is impressive. Many manufacturers don’t offer dyno testing at all, and lots that do charge an addition $500 for the option. Not Blueprint.

So when BANGshift Contributor, and Blueprint Engines tester and tech support specialist Scott Liggett sent me a message saying that Blueprint had just lowered the price on their 530 horsepower LS3 crate engines I told him to send us the info, and here it is.

BluePrint Engines has always had a great variety of performance crate engines to suit nearly every budget and horsepower wants. Or, maybe we should say “horsepower needs”. “Yes, I need 500 hp for my project vehicle! Yes, I need a lot more power for my daily driver to get to work on time!!” Yes. That’s sounds much better.
There is no denying the popularity of the LS family of engines, and especially their power potential. BluePrint has been busy expanding their line up of LS engines and their new LS3 based power house is sure to please those looking for more horsepower on a budget. Their part number PSLS360CTF starts with a new aluminum GM LS3 block, then BluePrint works their magic to produce an advertised 530 hp/495 tq that includes using their own LS3 heads. These engines come fully assembled with intake, injectors, fuel rails, throttle body, water pump, plug wires and spark plugs as well as a GM Muscle Car Swap Pan; and each one is dyno tested before shipping so you know what exact power your engine is making. BluePrint also backs these 376’s with their 30 month/50,000 mile warranty.


That’s not all! They also offer a optional ECM and wire harness kit to help complete the installation into your hot rod or hot truck. BluePrint even goes the extra mile of programming the same tune they use when dyno testing the engine, so it is near a plug and play set up. Plus, the tune is left unlocked so customers can fine tune their engine to fit their specific vehicle’s driving aspects.


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4 thoughts on “Blueprint Engines Drops The Price On Their 530 Horsepower LS3 Crate Engine By $1300!

  1. Tracey

    Just for S&G I looked up this LS and the the closest HP & Torque in their available Ford engines. To get even close, and far from equal but close, you would have to spend twice as much on the Ford motor.

    And some people wonder why so many people put an LS in whatever they’re building.


    I read one consumer review on one of your engines. I was about to purchase your 632 until I read his review stating, Blueprint did not stand behind their warranty stating the engine wasn\’t installed and broke in to their standards. This individual hired certified mechanics to install and break in the engine as specified by Blue print engines.

  3. CarrollGinther

    What are talking about for a total price
    What all would have to be replaced
    To install one your Ls motors.
    I like the idea, I have a 1994 pickup
    That is in mint condition except
    The old 350 is needs to be updated.
    What do you think the total price run.

  4. Ron C

    Hi I have a 2000 firebird HCI that I bracket race in NJ and FL with 425hp at present very consistent mid 12 car
    Was looking at all options from build to swap
    Can you please quote me a price on your 530 hp engine

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