Video: LMR Sets The C8 Corvette ET Record At Houston: 8.835 At 160 MPH!

Video: LMR Sets The C8 Corvette ET Record At Houston: 8.835 At 160 MPH!

The LMR crew sure has something to be proud of. While working on making their 1,500 horsepower C8 package driveable and reliable, they have also been setting records. We’re talking all kinds of records, but the lastest is their ET record that was set at Houston Raceway Park. This evil machine ran 8.835 at over 160 mph! I mean it should, it has 1,500 horsepower after all, but making it all go through the factory systems is a true work of art.

This car features a Fuel Tech ECU handling engine and torque management functions, but all while letting the Corvette still be a Corvette, and letting it manage everything else. Check out the announcement below, and the video below that.

Press Release:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 8/29/2022 William Ingram Late Model Racecraft LLC 713-466-9900 [email protected] Late Model Racecraft Celebrates World Records for Quickest C8 Corvette The former C6/C7 World Record Holders Shatter the Current Record for the Latest Corvette Houston, TX: Late Model Racecraft LLC (LMR) breaks two world records in the race for the quickest Corvette C8 in the quarter mile. The achievement happened last Saturday night at Texas Speed Syndicate’s Quick 30 at Houston Raceway Park in Baytown during eliminations. They accomplished this with shop owner Steven Fereday at the wheel setting a quarter mile pass of 8.957 at 159.80MPH eclipsing the previous record set by development partner FuelTech’s 8.973 at 160.92MPH. On an additional pass just after midnight, LMR beat their own time setting the new record with an even quicker time of 8.835 at 160.19MPH. The car that broke the record is Mr. Fereday’s daily driver; a 2020 Corvette C8 that has been a test mule for the company’s 1500HP C8 package. Far from stock though, the car has had numerous upgrades researched and installed by LMR onto Chevrolet’s flagship platform. The car is powered by a heavily upgraded LT2 long block built by Late Model Engines constructed to handle the tremendous additional horsepower. Power is added with mirrored Precision turbos riding on LMR’s in-house developed top mount turbo kit. Fueling and engine management is controlled by development partner FuelTech’s FT series engine management systems that control port injection and torque management. All that power ends up at a 15 inch wheel conversion provided by LG Motorsports mounted with Hoosier radials on Weld bead locks help deliver the massive power to the road. One of the main limiting factors of the platform is the DCT transmission. Dodson Motorsports worked closely with LMR testing 38 revisions to the clutch in the development of the package as well as additional transmission solutions. Design Engineering Inc. assisted in keeping the engine bay of the 1500hp car cool with a multitude of heat shielding products. Steven Fereday is no stranger to collecting world record titles: “We’ve set quickest and fastest in the quarter mile…we set records at half mile events, full mile events, and any quarter mile event for C6, C7, C8.” The current Corvette has proved itself to be the biggest challenge. “Again I’ve been doing this a long time” says Fereday “and when it comes to C5’s, C6’s, C7’s, C7 Z06’s I get a new platform, I’d R&D it for a couple of months…and we would be going nines if not eights setting records. This car definitely was the longest and the hardest to get it ironed out to even get it to go an 8 second pass…we go sevens, sixes and fives in these other cars, but to have a car you can’t fully tune with the stock computer to drive like stock, run like stock, and still put up those kind of numbers is super impressive to me. Now we have a solid package that we can sell to the end user that wants a car they can just drive every day, show off on the weekends, and go to car shows, from 700HP to 1500hp.” Late Model Racecraft LLC is located in Houston, TX and has been in business since 2007. The shop offers several different performance packages for the C8 as well as many others for C6, C7, Camaro, and Cadillac CTS-V. The company’s mission is to build the fastest and quickest late model General Motors vehicles while maintaining the ability to drive the vehicle daily, reliably, and enjoying the car or truck to its fullest extent. Youtube – Long Version Instagram – Short Version Facebook-Short Version Dropbox- Still Shots of Event, Car, Team Company Website: ###

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    Use the stock ECU/TCU and get back to me. Otherwise it’s just a trailered drag car, NOT a street/strip car.

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