Finnegan Shares 5 Must-Do Hacks For Building Headers At Home, So Watch!

Finnegan Shares 5 Must-Do Hacks For Building Headers At Home, So Watch!

Building headers at home is fun! Okay, so you’ve probably not heard that statement very often when talking about building headers, but the truth is that there are tips and tricks that can REALLY help make this a process that you won’t hate. Finnegan is not a professional fabricator, and he doesn’t pretend to be, but he is serious about getting good at it and spends the time paying attention to people that know more stuff than he does. If all of us did that better, we’d all be much more skilled at building hot rods and race cars than we are now. Well some of us would be anyway.

In this video, you can get some really good tips and tricks from Finnegan as he and Newbern thrash on the C10 to get it ready for a road trip. And while he does use some trick tools, there are also just good practices to use that need nothing more than some shop rags, tape, and a plan.

Here is the description from the video, and the links to all the tools and stuff he’s using.

Next week I’m going to finally make my 1967 Chevrolet C10 run and move under its own power. I’m bringing a couple of friends into the garage so that we can knock out a bunch of work to finish the truck. In the meantime, Newbern and I created a new pair of headers from scratch using a kit from Stainless Headers Mfr, a company we frequently order from. The parts are made of 304 stainless steel and feature mandrel-bent tubes, merge-collectors and lots of quality US-made parts. We also once again relied on the Furick Markout Pro tool to precisely measure our tubing before we cut it.… Those amazing Chevy LT4 header flanges came from MRC Fabrication @mrcfabbullard That crazy billet aluminum sequential gearbox came from Check back in next week for a bunch of new content as we make one big final push to get the C10 on the road. Thanks for watching! Want a shirt? visit

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2 thoughts on “Finnegan Shares 5 Must-Do Hacks For Building Headers At Home, So Watch!

  1. Jeff

    Having built quite a few sets of headers I can see where that marking tool would be nice but good God $1800.00!!! No. As far as headers to that was a pretty easy one, looks good.

    1. steve

      Yeah, $1800 is crazy, I built a jig out of left over MDF and steel that did exactly the same job! Along with how much much the top of the line stainless mandrel bends cost! and the collectors, AND those flanges, oh my, those flanges are gorgeous, but I cant find them anywhere online looking up MRC etc, but I bet they are worth more than a pretty penny! But I do agree, the finished headers look amazing!

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