Restoring And Protecting Cast Iron Exhaust Manifolds From Rust AT HOME With Spray Graphite

Restoring And Protecting Cast Iron Exhaust Manifolds From Rust AT HOME With Spray Graphite

Spray Graphite is magic! I had no idea how easy it was to apply until I watched this video from Jefferson, but it is a completely DIY process that you can do at home on any of the typical exhaust parts that rust and get ugly in a hurry. And because it can handle temps in the 3,000 degree range, you know it will live. This is some cool stuff, and the application is simple and easy. Watch as Jefferson goes over the entire process and then let us know how your own projects turn out. I can tell you that I have some parts I’m going to be doing this to before long, that’s for sure.

But what I’m interested in is using this on some other applications outside of the exhaust. What about spindles? What about brake drums? How about an engine block? I want to test some other parts to see just how nice this stuff works there too.

Video Description:

Cast iron rusts quickly, especially in high-heat applications. Painting exhaust manifolds always ends with flaking paint and rust underneath. You can stop this with one application of @Slipplate Slip Plate spray graphite.

This process works on any cast iron material, in fact, it works great on tube headers and other parts that you want to keep looking nice for years without worry.

What makes this process so good is that this isn’t paint, it is spray-on liquid graphite. Once the binder has evaporated, the graphite is bonded to the metal. If you get a run in the coating, don’t stress it! You can simply buff it smooth with a towel. Graphite is not affected by extreme heat, it can withstand over 3000 degrees F, so the exhaust temps won’t even phase it.

Jefferson shows you the entire process of how to prep, spray, and finish the Slip Plate process. Spray, dry, buff, and done.

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