Big Unsubstantiated Rumor: Mike Dunn IHRA President?

Big Unsubstantiated Rumor: Mike Dunn IHRA President?

(Photo credit: – Normally the rumor mill is nor our jam but since we have had this one boomerang back to us multiple times in the last two days from some guys who typically know stuff, we’re filling you in one what we have heard. On February 9th there is going to be an announcement made by the IHRA as to who their new president is. While there have been some high level departures at the NHRA recently we have not been hearing that any of them will be involved but we have heard one name come up three different times and that name is former ESPN NHRA Tv commentator Mike Dunn. Dunn had a very successful career driving nitro powered race cars racking up 22 national event wins (12 in funny car and 10 in top fuel) and 40 final round appearances. He is in rare company as having been one of only a handful of guys to snare more than 10 wins in both top fuel and funny car as well.

He spent 14 years in the booth on ESPN as a color commentator during the NHRA season and when plans were announced that he would not be coming back for 2015 there was a strong reaction from his loyal fanbase. The NHRA has since proceeded with their television package development adding a mix of familiar and new talent to the program.

If this is true and Mike Dunn IHRA President is a thing, the IHRA will certainly have someone who appreciates the world of fuel drag racing but we’re not 100% sure what else Dunn brings to the table outside of his expertise in the booth and technical aspects of the machines. As best we know he has not operated a race track, he has not promoted events, he has never been a sportsman drag racer, and we’re not sure that he has helmed an organization before.

This is not to say we are wishing the guy ill, because we are not. Just stating the fact as we see them here. If Mike Dunn is the next president of the IHRA it’ll surely make a blip on the media radar and we’re sure his television fans will be amped up about it. From that point forward it will be interesting to see what he or whoever else takes the reins of the organization decides to do with it.

Heck, maybe he can talk them into keeping the World Series at Cordova because we keep hearing that race is exiting to a different (and smaller?!) facility. Stay tuned kids, Feb 9th is the day!



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10 thoughts on “Big Unsubstantiated Rumor: Mike Dunn IHRA President?

  1. Tom

    I hope the world series of drag racing stays in Cordova. It has been there for 60 plus years. To move it would be a kick in the gut to the track and all the families and other fans who have been going for years. And sad to see Scott need in charge anymore of the Ihra.

    1. Bob Schaecher

      I to hope that the world series of drag racing stays in Cordova. I started attending it back in 1965 with my father and brother. Such good memories. This track needs the big boost every year. Please don`t start removing these great old tracks where a lot of racers cut there teeth. Engage brain before making these important decisions. Thank you in advance.

      1. Scott

        The sad reality is the 2016 Cordova schedule does not have the World Series in its normal slot, only TBA in red letters. As my home track, since before I was born, I would be greatly disappointed if it is moved. Sometimes progress is not a good thing.

  2. Jason

    Cordova was also my home track before I was born. Speaking for 2nd generation drivers and watching 3rd generation drivers compete every week, removing that race from this facility would kill the track, undo any progress the IHRA has gained over the last few years, lose loyal IHRA fans by the droves…and remove the soul and tradition that IS the World Series. 60 years is a long time to do anything, much less operate a drag strip. What would be the outrage if the US Nationals were in Gainesville next year?? I can’t believe this is even a topic…

  3. wayne

    Mike will make a great President. All you have to do is surround yourself with good people and have a good attitude.He will do that.

  4. Good Wrench

    I hope Mike Dunn room or is true. Drag racing needs experienced guys like him making decisions. I think IHRA can make a come back if they provide more Constancy in schedule, program and tracks. It takes a few years to establish good crowds of spectators, racers, promotors and concession and performance part vendors. Tracks traditionally included in the schedule should return like Darlington SC and Rockingham NC. Provisions for Nitro Jam events should be made for 1/8″ mile tracks too like Gallot and Piedmont. With Nitro Harley’s, Funny Cars and Pro Mods all the IHRA needs is a constant delivery of a 16 car field for great turnout over only a few years.

  5. Rod

    I truly hope this is for real. Mike is an awesome person who loves drag racing. He was totally screwed over by NHRA as he had an opinion the he shared. He would really give NHRA a run for there money and I would totally support him and take my entertainment dollars to IHRA. I’m so sick of NHRA and the teams that run not only their cars but their mouth. I’ve never heard so many whinny babies as I do NHRA. I would have loved to see someone from a driver/team owner of years back take over NHRA, someone such as Big Daddy. Good Luck IHRA

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