Bonneville Speed Week 2019: Speed, Sun, Salt, and The Many Ways To Go Fast

Bonneville Speed Week 2019: Speed, Sun, Salt, and The Many Ways To Go Fast

(Photos by the author) – As duty called me away from the Salt on Wednesday morning, Chad stood fast, documenting the action over the course of the day. It has been said that time heals all wounds and so also seems to be the case for salt. The more sun and more heat that the Bonneville area gets the more the salt firms up and becomes a better surface to race on. It was still a challenge on Wednesday as several notable teams had issues and packed it up at the same time I was. This being said, multiple 300mph runs have been made so far, with (we believe) the Speed Demon laying claim to all of ’em.

One of the most wild cars on the property is the Salt Shark which you can see photos of in this gallery. It is the long, green streamliner. This front wheel drive machine traversed the salt at 288mph yesterday which was the biggest speed recorded on Wednesday during competition. We’re thinking that the front wheel drive was a help here and while the machine is very new, it has the hallmarks of a winner already, even in these conditions.

More photos below of the hardcore fans and competitors that are still hammering their way into the wild blue yonder today.

Hit the images below to expand them and then scroll on to see them all


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4 thoughts on “Bonneville Speed Week 2019: Speed, Sun, Salt, and The Many Ways To Go Fast

  1. bkbridges

    Tom built the Sand Shark in his garage . He designed it himself and built it himself. I crewed for him at ElMirage last year as he was trying to dial it in. He is a most humble, modest, and rightous guy. MId mounted turbo charged LS (just one). Hes hoping for a 400mph time slip eventually! If you see him on the salt or mud, definitely stop in to say hi and give him a round of applause!

  2. Mike Connors

    did you have T-shirts this year? I was working for Frank Silva from Cruisin T\’s years ago. I work with Barbra Haines (Franks old secretary). If you need help with T-shirts, call me. Mike Connors. 909-503-5300.

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