New Sticks: COMP Cams HRT Turbo & Supercharger Camshafts for Dodge Gen III HEMI Engines

New Sticks: COMP Cams HRT Turbo & Supercharger Camshafts for Dodge Gen III HEMI Engines

When it comes to modern hot rodding, there’s nothing more prevalent than boost these days. With factory cylinder heads capable of supporting more power than anyone ever dreamed of, the idea of simply adding more air and more fuel to an already strong package is appealing to many hot rodders. Even this approach requires a detail oriented approach to succeed and the camshaft is at the heart of it all.

COMP Cams knows this and that’s why they have released a new set of HRT Turbo and Supercharger cams for Dodge Gen III Hemi engines. Using the company’s advanced Low Shock Technology to keep the valve train happy as you are making all that newfound power.

There’s loads of information below. Check it out if you are a Hemi owner using boost to make power or who wants to be!

COMP Cams® HRT Turbo & Supercharger Camshafts for Dodge Gen III HEMI Engines

Memphis, TN – COMP Cams® expands their Dodge 5.7L-6.4L HEMI camshaft selection with optimized HRTTM Turbo & Supercharger Camshafts, utilizing their advanced Low Shock Technology lobe designs in order to make more power and increase valve train stability.

The Gen III HEMI market is rapidly expanding, and the HRTTM Camshaft Series uses the newest and most advanced lobe designs from COMP Cams® in order to produce some of the highest average power and torque increases available for turbo and supercharged engines. The “Low Shock Technology” features lobe profiles designed to maximize horsepower while improving stability at higher RPM. These profiles are also easier on the valve springs, enhancing durability and reducing load loss. These new HRTTM Camshafts receive the Micro Surface EnhancementTM (MSE) finishing process as a standard feature, which increases strength and performance by reducing surface peak roughness and provides a 250% improvement in the effective load bearing area, allowing for much higher loads.

Organized into stages, these new options range from mild street up to heavily modified race-oriented builds. All HRTTM Turbo & Supercharger Camshafts require a COMP Cams® DOD Delete Kit and upgraded valve springs. Depending on application, 5.7L-6.4L w/ VVT 2009+ engines also require either a COMP Cams® phaser limiter or lock kit.

The HRT Camshaft Series brings COMP’s newest, most powerful Low Shock Technology lobe designs to turbo & supercharged Dodge 5.7L-6.4L Gen III Hemi platforms.

Features & Benefits:

  • Optimized grinds produce maximum power in Turbo & Supercharged engines
  • HRTTM low shock lobes create some of the highest average power and torque HEMI cams on the market
  • Low Shock Technology lobes reduce valve train shock and are easy on springs, allowing higher RPM, improved durabilityand reduced load loss
  • MSE finishing technology increases load bearing area, allowing for higher loadsAbout COMP Cams®Founded in 1976 and based in Memphis, TN, COMP Cams® has become the automotive performance aftermarket’s “Absolute Leader in Valve Train Technology.” Our mission is to produce the highest-performing products possible, provide superior customer service and lead the industry in technological development. Additional information about COMP Cams® and its products can be found at or by calling 1.800.999.0853. You can also visit us on Facebook (, Twitter (, Instagram ( and YouTube (

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