All The Money: There’s A Disassembled Ram Air V Pontiac V8 For Sale On eBay And It’s Not Cheap

All The Money: There’s A Disassembled Ram Air V Pontiac V8 For Sale On eBay And It’s Not Cheap

This is what we normal guys refer to as a “big ticket item”. How big ticket? Stick around for a minute and we’ll tell you. But first let’s consider what’s being advertised. This is a Ram Air V Pontiac V8 engine that was apparently destined to be installed in a 1970 GTO Judge 4-speed and has been stamped with the numbers to indicate that fact. The parts that come packaged together are an all-star team of rarity in the world of Pontiac muscle car era performance. Of course the Ram Air V engine is the fabled tunnel ram version of the venerable V8 the company had been producing with subtle tweaks since 1959. It was basically their doomsday weapon to battle the Boss 302s in Trans-Am, and the Chrysler Hemi in NASCAR. Unfortunately the program was scrapped long before it could have reached its full potential.

A couple hundred sets of heads were reportedly made as well as the limited number of blocks and other hard parts which this seller is peddling…for $150,000. Now, before you think that the seller is nuts, the guy is a massive and well known Pontiac collector. He’s maybe the one guy on Earth that has this much stuff, especially of this limited stock. There’s one last question, though.

Is it worth all the money? If you are a rich guy with a Pontiac love, maybe. If you are not that rich and are looking to add value to a car you own or a project you have going, will installing THIS engine make it $200,000 more valuable? We say $200 because after you spend the $150 you have to build it, test it, install it, etc. We’re not sure it does unless it goes into a car with some Ram Air V lineage.

Either way, this is an awesome engine that is as rare as rare gets in the muscle car world!

eBay: This listing for a basically NOS Pontiac Ram Air V engine is pretty wild 

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9 thoughts on “All The Money: There’s A Disassembled Ram Air V Pontiac V8 For Sale On eBay And It’s Not Cheap

  1. bob

    Yes rare parts, but I hope no one pays what Mr. Pontiac is asking. But I would like to get some of what ever he has been smoking.

  2. Scott Liggett

    The question would be: Has any Ram Air V Pontiac with its original drivetrain ever sold for more than $250,000?

  3. Gary

    What bob said. I mean, after all that, its still just a GTO, right? I mean, a B/stocker at best. Hemi? hell, a 440 would romp all over it. Nahhhh….not worth it in the least.

  4. MGBChuck

    If that cash means NOTHING to you it would look pretty nice on an engine stand in a car collection—for real type people-no bueno

  5. Joel hemi

    The same guy sold a very nice 69 trans am with an nos ram Air v motor in it at Mecum auctions 9 years ago or so for $90,000.

  6. Texcuda

    Considering the Ram Air V was never factory installed in any vehicle and very, very few block, head, intake, and exhaust castings made it out of the factory, they are extremely rare in the Pontiac world. Think ZL1 rare, but not even installed in a car. All Ram Air V parts were either purchased over the counter by someone in the know or were “appropriated” sometime between 1970 and now.

    Is it worth $150K, i don’t think so. But 50K, most definitely.

  7. ratpatrol66

    This guy is getting ripped on the Pontiac forum. He has lots of rare Pontiac parts and wants ridiculous money for all of it.

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