Drag Racers Stepping Up: DSR/DSM Partner with Stratasys to Aid in the Fight of COVID-19 Pandemic

Drag Racers Stepping Up: DSR/DSM Partner with Stratasys to Aid in the Fight of COVID-19 Pandemic

The saying “we’re all in this together” hits home when the people we know who aren’t in the medical industry are stepping up to aid the fight against the dreaded COVID-19 virus that is taking its toll on every industry and person in this country nd around the globe. Don Schumacher Racing is running their 3D printing operations 24-hours a day to provide headbands for medical face shields which are being employed by frontline care givers across the country.

These printers are usually used for race car part prototyping and small jobs of that nature. Now they are working as hard as they can to help as many of the hardworking medical professionals that they can. It is another example of drag racing stepping up to help people in need.

Here’s the full story from Don Schumacher Racing –

DSR/DSM Partner with Stratasys to Aid in the Fight of COVID-19 Pandemic

BROWNSBURG, Ind.  – Don Schumacher Racing (DSR) and Don Schumacher Motorsports (DSM), DSR’s manufacturing arm, are proud to join the fight to help protect our nation’s brave health care workers on the front lines that are tirelessly treating patients seeking medical assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In response to the growing need for supplies, DSM has teamed up with Stratasys, a global leader in additive manufacturing or 3D printing technology, to produce headbands that will be used for medical face shields in healthcare facilities. DSM’s two Stratasys FDM 3D printers, the Stratasys Fortus 450mc and F370, are typically used for chassis fixturing, weldment fixturing, rapid prototype development and proofing out new components for DSR’s fleet of race cars. With NHRA drag racing at a temporary standstill, both printers have switched gears and are now working round-the-clock to churn out as many headbands as possible throughout the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“We take this pandemic very seriously and want to do our part to help,” said DSM owner Don Schumacher. “When our partners at Stratasys approached us about producing these crucial pieces for medical face shields, we didn’t hesitate to say ‘yes.’ We have the capability, so of course we wanted to do whatever we could to help support the vulnerable medical personnel that are working so hard during these unprecedented times. A huge thank you to Stratasys for leading this initiative.”

Upon completion, the DSM-produced headbands are turned over to Stratasys, who then installs clear shields to the bands. The finished goods are placed into inventory at the Stratasys warehouse, and then distributed to hospitals upon request via an online request form.

“The response from the staff at DSM for the Stratasys COVID-19 face shield initiative is greatly appreciated,” said Allen Kreemer, Stratasys’ Senior Strategic Applications Engineer, Americas. “DSM has put its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to work in record time, producing face shield frames that will be used to protect many healthcare workers. DSM continues to redefine the meaning of the word ‘partner’ during this challenging time.”

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DSM’s two Stratasys FDM 3D printers (background) are operating around-the-clock to produce headbands to be used as part of medical face shields.
Stacks of completed DSM-produced headbands.
A completed face shield utilizing a DSM-produced headband.

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2 thoughts on “Drag Racers Stepping Up: DSR/DSM Partner with Stratasys to Aid in the Fight of COVID-19 Pandemic

  1. DRAG Race Fan KAT

    Nice to see the Drag Racing world stepping up to help the country.
    The Partisanship in D.C. GETS NOTHING DONE. No Pork in the relief bill will help cure or fight this viral attack on the country. Pelosi only wanted to push the liberal agenda via pork.

    Go gettem DSR !


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