Eddie Hill Is Selling His Crazy Two Seat, 1,200hp Fun Boat – One Off Creation Is Mental

Eddie Hill Is Selling His Crazy Two Seat, 1,200hp Fun Boat – One Off Creation Is Mental

Legendary boat and asphalt drag racer Eddie Hill’s name is no stranger to BangShift. We have showed you video and other stuff of how the elder statesman of speed is still enjoying going fast and this Craigslist post we got tipped off to by BangShifter Wes Garcia is further proof. See, Hill may not longer be driving top fuel dragsters but he is in love with the world of road racing and he still owns some insane boats, one of which he is selling. Before you get concerned with Hill’s sale of this boat, understand that he has been selected to buy a new Ford GT and he’s clearing some space and looking to get a couple of bucks back in the process. About $35,000 in this case.

This is a blown, big block Chevy powered water missile and is a one off creation with two seats. Normally a boat like this is a race only proposition but this particular piece was built to punish water either at the boat races or on the river/lake. Hill’s post is amazingly detailed and thorough, perhaps the most complete listing for anything we have ever seen on Craigslist before and we’re kind of experts in this regard. Here’s an excerpt:

“So after I had held the record for 10 years, Ron Braaksma was building and driving Deaver top fuel hydroplanes, and broke my 229 record. He paid me a personal visit while we were racing our top fuel dragster at Pomona, and gently and almost apologetically told me he had broken my record. I congratulated him and told him that is what records are for, to be broken when you are able. We became friends due to our mutual interests and respect for each other’s accomplishments. Ron and I both liked fast, good looking playboats/river boats, and he built what I consider the ultimate. He built one of his Deaver hydroplanes with two seats and with twin rudders, so it will actually turn. None of the hydros I had ever had before this one would ever turn, except gradually, and over too much distance. This one turns better than a flatbottom! Ron offered this beautiful hydro for sale, and I jumped on it.”

Check out the listing and all the photos here. This thing is awesome!

Link: Eddie Hill is selling his crazy two seat, 1,200hp fun boat – craziness!

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7 thoughts on “Eddie Hill Is Selling His Crazy Two Seat, 1,200hp Fun Boat – One Off Creation Is Mental

  1. Kent Reed

    Were is that Finigen fella. He is into boats and drag racing. And looking at the stuff he owns,he’s got the $$$$.And an Eddie “the thrill Hill” unit to boot. That would be cool .If I was into boats .

  2. blownflattie

    If you ever go fishing in this boat, you could put a chicken on a hay-hook and troll at 150mph. If you ever get a strike…. I would like to see the FISH.

  3. oldmaninamercury

    that looks like it could almost keep up with Finnegan’s twin turbo hemi hes building

  4. Scott Witz

    Watched Eddie at Phoenix go through the speed traps at 173mph and the boat never made it that far. He spent a couple weeks in the hospital and then switched to top fuel dragsters back in the 80\’s.

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