WTF: European Parliament Rules That All New Cars Must Have Speed Limiters When Sold

WTF: European Parliament Rules That All New Cars Must Have Speed Limiters When Sold

Well that’s a headline that should make your blood run cold. The sad part is that it is true and the only good part about this is that car companies are expected to fight this ruling tooth and nail. They apparently have a decent shot at stopping this before it actually gets set into law but it is still an amazing thing to read. The idea is to limit speeds to decrease traffic deaths (which in the USA continue to fall year after year). Along with this brilliant idea the EU Parliament also came up with new standards for pedestrian safety systems and new vision standards for trucks.

While you may be sitting there thinking, “Well, that’s Europe and this is here…” remember that each year, every car manufacturer’s fleets of offerings becomes more and more global. There are fewer and fewer examples of stuff that gets sold in the USA and nowhere else on Earth and more examples of so-called “global” models that are universally distributed around the world. Would this be as simple as having software activated and deactivated per market? Maybe, but you know as well as we do that somewhere in our own governmental system lurks a person with the same wacky ideas as they are implementing in Europe and that thinks this is one great idea.

What are the limits? How does this all work? Can they be turned off for the race track? Can they be defeated with a plug in tuner or device? Who knows. The car makers don’t, the European Parliament doesn’t, and no one else does either.

Do not like.

LINK: All new cars to have speed limiters fitted, EU Parliament rules 

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7 thoughts on “WTF: European Parliament Rules That All New Cars Must Have Speed Limiters When Sold

  1. Hippi

    ah yes the government is the same everywhere “you don’t know what’s good for you WE know what’s good for you”

    1. Jeepster

      Correct – all EU “officials” appointed – NONE Elected ! No wonder the smarter Brits want to get out of this raw deal ….

  2. bob

    All American cars and trucks have speed limiters on them ever since fuel injection came to the market.

  3. keezling

    With the advent of self driving cars I forsee police downsizing due to LOF and donut shops locking the doors…
    Just like feminism causing tux rental shops and wedding chapels to fold up

  4. 75Duster

    I’m sure AOC and all the others that want the “Green New Deal” passed will want to take up on this shit too.
    They are the same people who want to kill babies and ban cow farts.

  5. Chris In Australia

    Isn’t there already a ‘gentlemen’s agreement”, at least between the German makers to limit speeds to 155 MPH?
    And what is the limit going to be set at?
    Finally, what minute percentage of crashes happen at those speeds anyway.
    Limiting speed ain’t gunna do jackshit against the person who runs red lights, fails to give way, etc.
    Just typical of the government’s knee jerk reaction that “speed, speed, speed” is the great Satan/ killer on the roads

  6. blownflattie

    A more sensible law to pass by these un-elected Brussels twits would be
    banning unemployed immigrants on welfare from driving on pedestrian sidewalks
    full of people…and mowing them down.
    No wonder Europe is going into recession with IMBECILES calling the shots.

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