Flat Six Muscle Parts: These Hardcore Corvair Heads and Weber Carbs Are Cool To Look At And Better On Your Engine!

Flat Six Muscle Parts: These Hardcore Corvair Heads and Weber Carbs Are Cool To Look At And Better On Your Engine!

We often forget to think of the Corvair as it was truly intended to be thought of and how it was truly used by many of its owners over the years. That’s as a sporty, capable, fast, and fun machine. These cars were not designed the way they were just to be bragged on. They were designed the way they were because it was the intention of GM to lure sophisticated buyers who were considering and buying European cars with the technology used into their fold. A daring experiment that had its downsides as well as its upsides, but Corvairs when optioned and powered right could move out.

Like every car ever made, there are hardcore enthusiasts that life and breathe Corvairs. This has been the case since the car first existed. If you are scoffing at our performance claims above, understand that guys like Don Yenko saw what the Corvair was and pounced, turning them into capable racers.

The Corvair’s air-cooled flat-six engine is arguably the most interesting engine that the company produced and the community of hot rodders around it love these power plants dearly. Here we see a set of truly bad ass cylinder heads for sale along with neat intake manifolds and Weber carbs to finish the package off.

These heads have the big valves, they have the seats staked, they have all the trick high performance modifications that guys have developed over the years and they have a visual appeal with their cooling fins and vertical mounting position. The photos with the heads complete with intakes and Webers are downright sexy in our eyes.

The description has a full rundown on all the work that has been completed. The best Corvair heads for sale in the world at this second? Yes, we think so.

Hit the image below to see the ad for these killer Corvair heads – Heavy Duty!

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2 thoughts on “Flat Six Muscle Parts: These Hardcore Corvair Heads and Weber Carbs Are Cool To Look At And Better On Your Engine!

  1. Gavin

    This reminds me of a story a former employee at a local dealer once told me back in the 80’s. When he was in his early days working there, he and another young worker were directed to a section of the warehouse and told to pull all of the Corvair performance heads, intakes, and associated Corvair parts, off the shelves, and then cart them out back. Once there, they were instructed to sledge hammer all of the parts to an unsalvagable state, and then throw them in the steel trash bin. He said that he was horrified that they wanted to destroy all of these new, in the box parts, but to make sure they carried out their assignment, the foreman stood there and watched them do it so nothing was left to save. I think my mouth dropped open when he told me the story. I wasn’t into Corvairs at all, but what a sickening waste. Made me think that this may have been a common dealer/corporate practice for many other desireable performance parts that sat on the shelves a bit too long, or that fell out of favor due to politics. Ugh.

  2. steve pearce

    Those look like the super rare 3 choke Weber carbs that were fitted to hot Porsche flat six engines. I’d like to see this in a VW Beetle or a VW camper van and even better with a pair of turbos and throttle bodies!

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