Holley LS Fest X: The Show Fields, From The Sweet To The Suicidal

Holley LS Fest X: The Show Fields, From The Sweet To The Suicidal

Okay, so I spent a lot of time wandering through the show fields of LS Fest X. I’ll admit it, I was looking for something that I wasn’t finding on the dragstrip or the autocross course. Something that would really capture my eye, something I just hadn’t seen before. There were beautiful show cars all over, there were cleaned-up daily drivers, there were plenty of things to see, but I didn’t find my true attention-grabber until I went to check out a Volkswagen and saw something that left me wanting to meet the individual who was apparently born without a self-preservation instinct. Not that an LS-swapped Bug isn’t borderline suicidal, but it’s a tame and rational decision next to an LS-swapped go-kart. It was together. It had a chain drive. And the story could only end in one of two ways: either those tiny little tires would be flung off the first time a butterfly coughed towards the throttle pedal, or this beast will pull the mother of all backflips before grievously injuring the driver.

This gallery wraps up our coverage from the show fields of LS Fest X, but we still have a couple more to go. Naturally, we will be showing you what went on in the pit on Saturday night during the burnout contest, and then, there’s my favorite gallery of the event. Stick around, we’ve got plenty more coverage coming your way!

For more galleries and coverage from LS Fest X, CLICK HERE!

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One thought on “Holley LS Fest X: The Show Fields, From The Sweet To The Suicidal

  1. Matt Cramer

    Another picture shows the engine stand on wheels is driving the wheels through a lawnmower style centrifugal clutch that looks like it’s sized for a one cylinder lawnmower engine. Hopefully it won’t transmit enough power for the owner to kill himself with.

    Although the fact that he’s put a blowoff valve on it suggests future plans could get truly terrifying.

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