Jeff Lutz Runs 6.05/249mph During Drag Week Test Last Night – Video Here

Jeff Lutz Runs 6.05/249mph During Drag Week Test Last Night – Video Here

Well things got really interesting last night as Jeff Lutz made one test pass and set the world of street legal drag racing on its ear. The early shut off pass resulted in numbers that knock on the door of the all time elapsed time record currently held by Larry Larson at 5.94 and it blows the speed side of that situation right into the weeds as Lutz went through the traps coasting at 249mph. It should be noted that the track was “touched up” by track prep specialist Tyler Crossnoe who admittedly was not happy with its complete condition and set to work after the test session to give it the full treatment overnight so that racers will have a great surface in the morning. Without exaggeration we’re saying that these guys may be on the best track they have ever had or will have tomorrow morning and we’re expecting the records to fall like leaves in Autumn.

The car that Lutz rolled out of the trailer yesterday is not what people were expecting on a couple of levels. Basically it is his NMCA pro mod that has been altered and modified to best try and survive the street driving portion of the program. We have seen this car in the 5.80s at over 250mph at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway during the PSCA street car super nationals last year so bumping the 5.94 number in superior air and on what may be a superior track doesn’t seem out of the question…but will it live?

Hey, thats what this event will shake out, literally. For now, watch the dive bomb test pass here!


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5 thoughts on “Jeff Lutz Runs 6.05/249mph During Drag Week Test Last Night – Video Here

  1. 75Duster

    I was at the kick off of Drag Week yesterday expecting and looking for Jeff Lutz’s legendary ’57 Chevy, I saw this Camaro though not even realizing that it was his, I will be at Drag Week conclusion this Saturday to see the final results.
    I wish all competitors good luck this week.

  2. N2O Hemis

    I guess NHRA’s threat to revoke licenses to members who appeared on Street Outlaws was dropped when they fired the guy who mailed the letters. Bozos never should have threatened racers.

  3. Luke

    They allow pro mod cars to race in a street legal class? It looks like it’s almost a funny car. I liked his evil twin 57 car a lot more than this car. I would not be surprised if next year a ex John Force funny car modified and altered will be winning this class.

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