Incredible: Jianna Salinas’ NHRA Finals Victory Was Among The Most Improbably Awesome In History (Video)

Incredible: Jianna Salinas’ NHRA Finals Victory Was Among The Most Improbably Awesome In History (Video)

There are ways to get your first win and then there’s how Jianna Salinas did it at the 2019 NHRA Finals. Not only was it her first win, it was on a deciding pass for the world championship of the category in the final round, a race that many people did not think that she could win because her opponent Jerry Savoie had been on top of a quicker and faster machine all day long.

First, a note on Jianna. She is a study in professionalism, a study in toughness, guts, and determination. She has been working really hard to get better on her motorcycle, she has come back from a scary wreck in Chicago, and she continues to get better and better on the starting line. Last weekend was the payoff for her hard work and her perseverance. In the first round, during a moment that was slated to be a coronation for the seemingly pre-ordained 2019 champion Andrew Hines, Salinas was in the other lane. Hines moved his motorcycle slightly backward after staging and red lit at the starting line. She advanced.

In the second round Steve Johnson had problems and sat up on his motorcycle. Jianna ripped to the win. In the semi-finals Matt Smith blew up and engine in the other lane after Salinas had tree’d the daylights out of him. Andrew was supposed to walk off with the championship and when he lost Matt Smith was supposed to have won the race and the title, and when he lost, Jerry Savoie was going to become the most accidental champ in pro stock motorcycle history. Except he wasn’t. Coming out of the burnout, the motorcycle lost fire and it was obvious that something was wrong.

Then? This…..

Press play below to see Jianna Salinas collect her first win ever –

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3 thoughts on “Incredible: Jianna Salinas’ NHRA Finals Victory Was Among The Most Improbably Awesome In History (Video)

  1. Danny Brown

    Who else has actually been watching how this woman \”trys\” to ride one of these bikes?!?!? I\’m sorry but my gut keeps telling me that she is going to have a horrible accident, and soon. Shes already had one off and every pass that I have seen on tv she is over compensating or cranking the bars when the bike is out of shape and for sure this is going to lead to something terrible very soon!!! If I was her father I would at the least be sending her to every school to learn to ride that thing the proper way, and if there was no improvement I would shut her down. I know there are people out there that see this and are not saying anything because of who her father is and that\’s just plain sad.. she dosnt need to get hurt or killed before you speak up and make sure she is safe out there on the track. Not only for herself but for the person in the other lane also!!!

  2. Margaret

    I reading Danny Browns comments. I’m not an expert but obviously he is. I would take his sincere advice and go take some classes on how to operate that machine before you get hurt. Don’t ignore his advice.
    He is trying to keep you from getting hurt or killed. Good luck and God bless you in Jesus Name.

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